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things to do with bean pot liquor

sometimes i keep the liquor from cooking my beans separate from the beans, and i've got a decent amount that is frozen. The best use i've found for it is poaching eggs in it. What else do folks do with bean pot liquor once beans removed?

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  1. Oaxacans use black bean pot liquor to cook rice in. . . .

    1. Thinning hummus, black bean dip, etc. if too thick. As a vegetable stock too.

      1. I used black-eyed pea and collard pot liquors as my stock for soup.

        1. As a replacement for stock in making enchiladas for vegetarians.

          1. Can add to soup in lieu of stock or water.

            1. I have used it in the next pot of beans and they seemed to have more depth (if that is possible with the earthy beasts).

              1. It's a probiotic if you care about those things. You could add it instead of water to baking.

                1. Excellent when added to a glass of tomato juice.

                  It's also good when used as a dunking sauce for hot cornbread sticks made in this type of pan:

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                    I have and use my mother's old cornbread stick pan. I think it's the only way to go --- so much crust.

                  2. I've used it to make a variant of French onion soup.