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May 5, 2009 04:33 PM

Crawfish in Denver?

Anyone aware of any crawfish boils being served in Denver. I saw that Pappadeaux down in the Tech Center does something that they call a "crawfish boil". I'm not fundamentally opposed to chains, since they may be my only option here, but I would appreciate it if someone had first- or second-hand knowledge.


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  1. I went to Pappadeaux's for their crawfish boil last week. It is only on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for a couple more weeks and while they were small they were good. My mom in Houston says they've been small this year there as well so I'm not blaming Pappadeaux for that.

    1. I've seen people eating huge bowls of crawfish with corn and potatos at Max's Gill and Grill in Washington Park (www.maxgillandgrill.com). I don't if it's something that's only offered on certain days.

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        I hear such mixed things about that place. Can anyone shed some light on it?

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          Mixed things about Max's? We live close to the restaurant and It's our go to place when we just want something good and not too expensive in a casual atmosphere. We love it and I'm pretty picky when it comes to restaurants.

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              for the OP's crawfish question, I'd recommend calling at 303-722-7456 (per their website) to make sure they're available. Like stepho, we don't live far away and go in occasionally--say once a month, so at least WE must like it-- for a casual weekend lunch at the bar, and the last time we did so I believe I saw a flyer for the crawfish thing and I have a vague memory of it being one or two days a week only; also that they asked you to call in advance so as to help the chef accurately order.

              Just went to the website looking for specifics and couldn't find anything but their regular and brunch menus, so--call first. (PS, that's the first time I've been even a little annoyed with them--why wouldn't info about a seasonal special be on the website? (Apologies in advance if it IS there and I'm too stupid to find it)

      2. Nono's Cafe over in Highlands Ranch...off County Line and Santa Fe does a crawfish boil every Saturday thru May. I know that it is by reservation only and a party up to 20 if I recall.
        Haven't taken this in myself but is my fav Cajun restaurant in town.

        Nono's Cafe
        3005 W County Line Rd, Littleton, CO 80129

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          Gumbo's Louisiana Cafe at 16th and Blake has various crawfish appetizers and entrees -- etouffe plus in several kinds of cause, several in combination with shrimp. Dinner menu is at http://www.gumbosdenver.com/resources....

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            I had the crawfish etouffee at Gumbo's for lunch yesterday, and it kicked ass. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Bayou Bob's has a season crawfish boil, too. That's my all around favorite cajun/creole place.

            Bayou Bob's
            1635 Glenarm Pl, Denver, CO 80202

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            FINALLY made it to NoNo's for the first time yesterday- albeit only for lunch. What an awesome place! I had a cup of red beans and rice to start and blackened catfish salad. The "Cajun Island" dressing is awesome. I can't wait to go back- highly recommend after one sitting.

          3. Just realized this thread was a year old. But FWIW, looks like Highland Pacific is doing one on 4/16.


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              I actually just went to Highland Pacific this past saturday and they had a crawfish boil. It was $30 for 3lb platter with crawfish, andouille sausage and corn or $15 for a 1.5 lb platter. I thought it was pretty good if not a bit overpriced, very spicy but i love spice.... I really want to check out Red Claw though!

            2. Vietnamese-Cajun place just opened up on Federal called Red Claw that specializes in crawfish. (This Viet-Cajun thing is popping up all over the country, BTW—Vegas, Boston...)

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                I can see it now.. The Rajun Asian Cajun!

                Blackened Frog Legs with Bun Tom Etoufee.

                I like that name, BTW- Red Claw... I think I still have a couple of those comic books.

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                  Here's an article from the Boston Globe describing some of the "Viet-Cajun" dishes that have appeared:


                  Personally, I think crawfish fried rice sounds delightful.