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May 5, 2009 03:08 PM

new york style pizza in GTA

anyone know of a good place to get a new york style pie in the area? I am looking for a classic margarita pizza with only mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato sauce and a very thin crust

i find everywhere around has really thick crust and doesn't offer classic margarita

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  1. People will suggest places like Pizzeria Libretto, Terroni and Trio....

    If you're comparing to the the nyc standards (difara's, totonno's, lombardi's, patsy's, grimaldi's), then you will be disappointed. You won't find it in Toronto.

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    1. re: aser

      Yep, unfortunately accurate!

    2. this is my favorite pizza as well

      only places are like pizzeria libretto and a few other sit-down restauraunts... i haven't found a quick and good take-out location really anywhere at all

      oh and you'll probably get stuck with grated mozzerella too

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        Pizzeria Libretto will do take-out if you ask for it, according to their website. It will probably taste much better if you dine-in, though, unless you live on Ossington.

      2. Mangia & Bevi does a pretty decent thin crust pizza with buffalo mozzarella (not enough mozza on it for my liking, though), but of course it's nowhere near NYC standards...

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          thanks for the input, definitely unfortunate that no one has brought this style to Toronto yet...

        2. Like has been said it really doesn't exist here, the closest I've found is the margarita from Massimo's. Crust is more thick than you'd like but the garlic and olive oil is spot on.

          1. Almost forty years in Toronto and I've never seen an actual New York style pizza anywhere, ever.

            Closest have been the Margherita at Massimo's on a good day (they aren't consistent) and the plain cheese pizza at most Mamma's locations. Neither one nails it, though. Massimo's crust is too thick. Mamma's crust is too thin and the herbal flavours are missing. You won't do better anywhere else.