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May 5, 2009 02:52 PM

DC Lunch

Need suggestions for lunch while visiting DC. Will be mostly around the Mall area, checking out the museums and sites. Would like to break up the day and stop for nice lunches. Cost and location not an issue. Also going to stroll Georgetown, any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Central Michele Richard is a couple blocks north of the mall on 11th and Penn.

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      Tacklebox in Georgetown for a very casual lunch. I like their fried clams. Georgetown Cupcake (around the corner) for dessert!

      1. re: chicken kabob

        I 2nd both of these recommendations--Central is one of my favorite restaurants in DC and Tacklebox is nice for lunch.

        Also on the mall is the fun cafeteria at the American Indian Museum (do a search--lots written on this topic).

        If you are up on the Hill you can check out lunch at Bistro Bis--a lovely french restaurants which has been quite the political/power scene over the years. I also hear great things about Art and Soul.

        For something more low-key on the Hill you can try Le Bon Cafe for french cafe sandwiches, salads, and pastries or Good Stuff Eatery for burgers, shakes, and a Top Chef sighting.

    2. There are so many similar threads from tourist about this. Do a little search and you'll find a lot of suggestions.

      1. If you're closer to the northeast side of the mall, you're very near several cool lunch spots: Rasika on D near 7th for modern Indian, Jaleo for tapas and Oyamel for Mexican street snacks on 7th (near F, I think). Art and Soul, Art Smith's place in the Liaison Hotel, is not too far from that area on foot.