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May 5, 2009 02:35 PM

The Fresh Market -- Glen Mills

I stopped in to take a look around at this recently opened market in The Shoppes at Brinton Lake. It's quite nice. Great looking meats, fish and shellfish, nicely displayed produce, appetizing prepared foods and a nice selection of pasta, sauces and other canned/bottled/packaged products. And their prices don't appear to be any higher than those in nearby supermarkets. Too bad that the wine shop that was a part of the former tenant's space is no longer there.

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  1. Is it as expensive as Zagara's was or the other higher end grocery store it was next?
    Stinks no state store - that was convienent.
    Thanks for the reminder - been anxiously awaiting it's opening. Just not a shopping center I'm in every week.

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    1. re: keby

      I didn't have the feeling that the prices were outrageous. In fact, much of what I saw was fairly priced, I thought. The setup of the store is interesting, too. If you walk around the perimeter of the store, you'll get to everything that's fresh -- produce, meat, fish, dairy, cheese, prepared foods, flowers, etc. In the center of the store are shelves with packaged goods. Oh, and there's classical music playing -- another attempt, I guess, to set themselves apart from other markets. It definitely has the look and feel of an upscale market, but the prices are fairly competitive.

      The location is a short distance off my "beaten path" but probably a shorter drive from where I live than Wegman's.

      1. re: CindyJ

        I went today and the prices were similar to Wegman's for cheeses, produce, meat, flowers, organic stuff (not that I care if it's organic).
        Different lay out but I liked it. Only a few cafe tables in the entrance though - only downfall for me (I like a quick lunch while running errands.)

    2. Did you happen to notice if they have vegetarian-friendly items like soymilk, tofu, etc. or a "natural foods" section?

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      1. re: coastalgypsy

        Yes they did. But, not what I eat so couldn't tell you the brands, Kinda a mix between Trader Joe's and Wegman's - I guess the best analagy

        1. re: keby

          I think Fresh Market is a lot nicer inside than Trader Joe's.

        2. re: coastalgypsy

          I noticed that a lot of frozen vegetarian/fake meat staples, i.e. burgers, chicken patties, etc were missing. Not sure if you are looking for these or not. I think they probably had soymilk but I am not sure about the tofu. To be honest, from a vegetarian perspective I think you are better off shopping elsewhere, but that was just my take on things (I'm not a very "good" vegetarian, meaning I like a lot of fake meats as opposed to tofu and other vegetarian substitutes to meat). Overall I did like the market, though!

        3. First visit Wednesday afternoon 5/6. Bought ready-to-cook stuffed chicken breast (spinach & ricotta) -- OK, nothin' special, but good price; sourdough bread -- a HUGE disappointment; nowhere near as good as Trader Joe's and esp. LaBrea, which has become hard to find around here; some rosemary/sea salt rolls which are essentially tasteless; blue cheese potato salad, quite good; some really good 3-olive tortilla chips; spinach/artichoke dip, mediocre enough that I thought gee, I really should start making this again; $30 worth of fresh flowers which, after 3 1/2 days, are on the verge of past prime (and I did re-cut stems and add the flower food).
          But the biggest disappointment was a special order at the bakery. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and my 87-year-old mom's fave pie is lemon meringue. So I ordered one for pickup late this afternoon. (I know that was the order, because I wrote it myself.) Got there at 6, no pie to be found. One of the bakers tried to tell me someone else had picked it up for me around 11. Uhhh, no. Basically, they sold my pie to someone else because it was in the case, visible to everyone, and they didn't make sure the person who bought it was the one who ordered it. And no apology at all.
          So . . . though I thought Fresh Market might be a nice addition to local shopping alternatives, I won't be going back. Too many equally good options with a little more interest in customer service.

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          1. re: Red Oakley

            Regarding great pies, I stopped at Sweet Potato Cafe and Bakery, the new bakery in Media (in the space where Cold Stone was) and I got a HUGE lemon merengue pie for $7.95.... pretty good deal. They have fantastic prices, great baked goods as well as prepared foods like pasta salads, etc.

            Sounds like I'm going to be skipping Fresh Market !!

          2. Stopped in today and liked the layout , I got some snacks and a drink , I like Gus's soda and they had it cold so they get a couple of points in my book , I was expecting a little more from the produce department , Seafood looked nice , I will be back ......

            1. I found the Fresh Market to be a very nice store. Not somewhere that I could do all my shopping, but a break from the norm. The prices are not high. I have been in the store a couple of times now, and enjoy the layout. They have some wonderful products. I purchased some awesome meats, produce,and seafood from very knowledgeable and friendly employees. The rolls I purchased from the bakery were fresh, and very good.The bulk section is amazingly clean. The young girl working that day was so adorable with my children. I enjoyed that she asked me first if the children may sample something from the bins! My only problem is when I returned the other day to purchase some flowers, a young blonde hair girl was very off from what I have encountered into the store so far. She seemed very agitated with me asking questions and unlike the other employees I have came into contact in the store, seemed very unfriendly. I ended up telling her sorry for bothering you today and want to the Acme across the street to purchase my flowers. I did pick up some delicious spinach salad from the deli, and had a nice conversation with the women behind the counter.
              I am glad to have the Fresh Market here in Glen Mills, and hope it does well.