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May 5, 2009 02:21 PM

Need a Glendale, AZ Recommendation

Can someone recommend a few good options for a nice dinner in West Phoenix or, preferably, in Glendale?

We tend to frequent places in Scottsdale, CenPho and the East Valley but are meeting up with frends who live in Glendale and are trying to find something convenient for them. We're open to all kinds of cuisine and would prefer something more upscale, yet relaxed.

Thanks much.


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  1. The following might be a bit past your preferred area...but here's what I can think of:
    - Tutti Santi
    - Skye
    - Arrowhead Grill

    The request for something more "upscale" is a bit limiting for the area, as I can think of a bunch of smaller family restaurants that have great food, but I would not consider them to be upscale (i.e. Siam Thai, Mi Cocina Mi Pais, Pizza a Metro, Little Saigon, etc.). Definitely stay away from anything at Westgate!

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    1. re: andyeats

      Agree with andyeats on all his recs.

      Have only been to Skye once, but had a nice meal (with a special of buy one, get one entree free!) prime bone-in filet for E, surf and turf Oscar with crab special for me.

      We're regulars at Tutti Santi. I always get the Neapolitan-style pizza, veal cannelloni, or cioppino, or any of the specials. At Arrowhead Grill, my favorite is the signature Delmonico, especially served "surf-and-turf" with the buttery Louisiana BBQ shrimp (local from Gila Bend). Chef-owned, and have had a chance to talk with the chef about his passion for food and quality ingredients. Both places are upscale, but relaxed. Tutti Santi has two rooms. The bar area has booths and is still nice with white tablecloths, while the dining room on the other side is cozier and quieter.

      Tutti Santi
      19420 N. 59th Ave., Glendale, AZ 85308

      Arrowhead Grill
      8280 West Union Hills Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

      1. re: Rubee

        What about "North "next to A.J.'s at 67th and the 101? I have not tried it but have friends that swear by it.

        1. re: twodogs

          I like North - it was one of the first restaurants we went to when we moved to the area. However, on one visit with my husband, we had a couple of not-so-good dishes (including a terribly overcooked risotto), so I can't get him to go back. I've been back twice more with girlfriends for lunch, and enjoyed it. But not recently.

      2. re: andyeats

        I agree with the recs. There's only one place I go to at Westgate and that's Bar Louie. The food is very good there, but not necessarily a chowhounder destination.