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May 5, 2009 01:44 PM

Living in 2 Food Worlds (Capital Region & NYC)

Eating my way through the Capital Region (see below) and NYC (see the Manhattan Board). This is what I have learned so far:


+Roma Foods (they even have harissa!)
+Honest Weight Food Coop (have not been yet but hounds advise they have haleumi)
+Greenmarkets (Troy & Schdy), farm stands and a garden in summer
+Great Barrington, MA (1 hour drive)
+/- Price Chopper or Hannaford
-No Trader Joe's
-Think Stewart's (top rated non-organic milk in NY)


To Try:

Chinese - CCK
Thai - 2 places (Schdy +/- per hounds & Central Ave.)
Vietnamese - My Linh, Van's (strong hound feelings and opinions for both)
Greek - Taste of Greece (+/- per hounds), Athos
Grog Shoppe (it has been a really long time)
Cornell's (and other little Italian places I have not been to in years)
Mt. Pleasant Bakery
Ali Baba
Brown's Brewing
The Gingerman
Cafe Madison
Dale Miller
Saratoga National
Lake Ridge
Max London's
Pizza - ????????????????????? (I'll do a search of this Board - make my own or someplace in Troy?)

Have eaten at:

Chez Mike
The Jonesville Store
Panera Bread (really starting to like it . . .scary)
Good Times*
Sushi - Yoshi
Pastry/gelato - Villa Italia, Mrs. Londons
Bagels - The Jonesville Store has H&H bagels
Aperitivo Bistro
Glen Sanders Mansion - Tavolo
Cella Bistro
Pinhead Susan's
Ambition (breakfast only)*
5 Corners Diner*
Anchor's Fish Fry
Thai place on Lark
Mexican place (Loco?)*
Avenue A
Cafe Capriccio
New World Home Cooking Bistro
Holmes & Watson
The Wine Bar
Beekman Street Bistro
Lime (sadly now closed)
Vin Santo*
Filet 7
Italian place next to Filet 7
Buca Di Beppo*
Olive Garden*
The Inn at Erlowest* (and a few lunch places nearby)

What am I missing? Anything I should not bother trying? Thanks in advance.

PS I don't eat red meat so forget all those great hot dog with everything places . . .

*Not in a rush to return to

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  1. I am not a big fan of Athnos...did you enjoy your meal there? I felt the menu lacked originality and authenticity.

    Also, have you been to Swoon in Hudson? I am a transplant from Manhattan and their menu is comparable. Excellent, original, fresh!!!!

    Marissa's Place in Guilderland - Wow! Fantastic gourmet pizza w/ fresh milk mozzarella, sausage slices and they even have rapini on the menu!

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    1. re: LimonZang

      Thanks, LimonZang.

      Did not try Athnos yet. Maybe I should skip it.

      Have not been to Swoon yet. Got off in Hudson (last year?) to try the Carolina House. As nice weather approaches it may be time for a stop in hudson again . . . I'm a transplant from the Capital Region.

      Marisa's is a good tip. Love rapini. Check this out:

      1. re: financialdistrictresident

        Hey, FDR, this is a great list-some of the best in the Capital Region.
        In Schenectady, you might want to try Perreca's Bakery on Jay St, Civitello's across the street for lemon ice, spumoni, pastries, etc. Cappiello's Dairy on Broadway for fresh mozzarella, ricotta, etc. Capri Imports up B'Way. Andy & Sons on Delaware Ave. in Albany-another good Italian market. Ferrari's in Schenectady-classic red sauce place. Will keep thinking what's missing. There's a few good Asian markets in the Albany area on/just off Central Avenue-Asian Food Market on Colvin, Kim's, Lee's on Central. Check out Two Cousins Fish Market in Albany.

        1. re: markabauman

          Thanks, markabauman. Can't believe I forgot to add Capri and Cappiello's to food shop list. Been to both. Long time fan of Perreca's bread. Aware of the Asian markets. Never heard of Andy & Sons . . .

          1. re: financialdistrictresident

            Andy & Sons is on Delaware Ave. not far from the Spectrum/New World Bistro/My Linh area. Good subs, take out. Good cheese selection-they'll cut to order from a large wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano, etc. Pretty decent frozen ravioli, other pasta selection. Worth the trip just to see the two brothers in action-couple of characters.

            1. re: markabauman

              If your in this neighborhood, don't miss Cardona's.

    2. Hi fdr. Have enjoyed reading your posts, and noticed that you have gelato on your list. Check out Crisan on Lark St. in Albany. A very pleasant and inexpensive bakery with excellent and cheap gelato. I believe the owners are Roumanian. It's a nice spot--haven't been there in about 6 months so hope it's still there!

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      1. re: mjoyous

        Thanks for your kind words, mjoyous. Will check it out (eventually) . . . two new gelato places on the list. . .

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        1. fdr -- I appreciate your compendium.

          Honest Weight is terrific for more than cheese. The cheese department is also "specialty foods" including excellent olives, fresh mozzarella, olive oils, smoked paprika, chocolate (for eating and baking) and more.
          In addition, Honest Weight has the best local seasonal produce -- ramps, fiddleheads, favas, etc. And their bulk section is chock full o' beans, grains, flours, dried fruit & nuts -- everything one could need. Best local and organic eggs, and free range chicken.

          I have to say though that the capital region is a big disappointment fish wise. I either go to Berry Farm on Rt 203 between Chatham and Valatie -- they stock excellent organic Scottish? salmon and other fish, as well as local grass-fed meat. And berries of all stripes in season. They've done special orders for me of super-fresh fish from The Other Brother Darryl's in Otis, Mass, including whole large fish (ask them to scale and gut since the whole fish they get is not cleaned)

          When I really need superb fish (and don't need a whole fish to special order from Berry Farm), I head to Guido's in Lenox or Gt Barrington. Now that's a store! Great selection, fresh as can be, and they carry Murray's chicken, all kinds of poultry (ducks, game hens, etc), heritage pork as well as Niman Ranch. Their produce section is a work of art. They also have fresh pasta. Everything they stock is top notch.

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          1. re: NYchowcook

            Thanks, NYchowcook. Guido's is the shop we didn't find when we went to Great Barrington last time. We went to the wine shop with all sorts of grocery items including tortas. I've also been to Oscar's Smokehouse in Lake George (another oversight in my OP).


            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              Guido's is south of town on Route 7(? -- the main drag) past Ward's nursery on the right, as you're heading south from town. The Great Barrington store is fine; Lenox is larger. But since you have the website, you should find it okay next time.
              There's a great wine store just south of Guido's in Lenox called Nejaime (and a fab shoe store attached to the wine store!) There's also a Different Drummer's Kitchen store in Lenox, again south of Guido's which is up near the Lenox/Pittsfield line.

              BTW, Berry Farm stocks Oscar's products!
              Tortas . . . do you mean those lovely Spanish olive oil semi-crackers? If so, Honest Weight has 'em (in specialty foods).

              1. re: NYchowcook

                Hi FDR: Thanks for the links! I just was on both sites and left the last review about Marissa's Place being a great establishment for the Capital Region! Seriously, give it a try. It is by far the best pizza I have had in Upstate past the Bronx line! Fresh, authentic and gourmet!

            2. re: NYchowcook

              NYchowcook, the fresh, whole fish at the Asian Supermarket on Central Ave. looked good today. Nice, clear eyes. Have you tried it?

                1. re: jaylhorner

                  jaylhorner, please report back when you try it.

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