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May 5, 2009 01:41 PM

Proposing in Napa, CA looking for some ideas

I am looking to propose in Napa, CA in the coming weeks. This will be our second trip to Napa, CA and we absolutely love it there. This year I was thinking of getting a car service for one of the days instead of driving from winery to winery. I believe I have some romantic ideas on where to POP the question, but wanted to see if any locals had any suggestions. Currently, I’m thinking either Sterling (b/c of the view), Cakebread (b/c she loves their wine and they are extremely friendly and personable), or Chateau Montelena (love the French castle theme) I have heard that there is some pond there….. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I highly recommend the terrace at Auberge du Soleil. The view and surroundings are beautiful and they will take amazing care of you.


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      check out O'Brien estates. They're all about the romance.

    2. Ferrari-Carrano (sp?) has absolutely gorgeous grounds and gardens, as well as really good wines. Auberge is a great suggestion, too.

      1. Awww...the terrace at Auberge at Sunset is dreamy.

        Would never recommend Cakebread -- i'ts right on Highway 29 and there is nothing terribly romantic or scenic about the place.

        I'd recommend Far Niente, and possibly Sterling, but only if you're at the South Terrace for that view (the other view is not conducive with its concrete walls). I'm not wild a bit about Sterling's wines though.

        There's no French Castle or anything that resembles it at Chateau Montelena. There are some lagoons with red quasi-pagodas that are rather beautiful, but you'll need to get permission.

        Ahead of time, I would enlist the support of the Visitor's Center Manager or Director of Hospitality or Director of Marketing if you happen to propose at a winery to give you privacy and a chilled bottle of something.

        1. You might consider the new Cade Winery that's part of the Plumpjack Group. They just opened and the facility is very beautiful, cozy but modern. And because it's up on the appellation, it has a great view and a water feature that can be romantic if the weather is nice. You have to make an appointment, and because of that it could be very intimate and private. I bet if you tell them you plan to propose, they could help you plan something special as a surprise. Since they're new they're very accommodating.