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May 5, 2009 01:10 PM

Old Montreal - best steakhouse in or near

In town for one evening and I am looking for a place walkable from the Marriott in Old Montreal. Ideas? Thanks

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  1. If you really want a steakhouse, the closest decent one to you would be Gibby's on Place d'Youville - about a 5 or 10 minute walk from the Marriott.

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      I second Gibby's I was just there and It's always great! The prices are also reasonable because with your steak or whatever you chose comes the Gibby's Salad and a side dish. Try the twice baked potatoe. They are known for this and it's really delicious. It is also in a great location to walk around after. The decor is lovely as well...

    2. Montreal is not well represented when it comes to steakhouses. While you can do worse than Gibby's, I can find no reason to go there unless you absolutely must eat a steak. There are however other places in the neighborhood, while not strictly steakhouses, that can accomodate a carnivore.

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        Thanks all....I am with two carnivores who insist on a "steakhouse". As clients they have the final say in the matter. Looked up Gibbys and it comes up as one or two compared to Moishe's but it is closer so that is the winner

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          The atmosphere is much nicer at Gibby's than Moishe's. The steaks are okay, depending on which cut you get, but Montreal really isn't known for steakhouses. I certainly wouldn't call the prices reasonable though, although portions are large. Your carnivore clients should be happy with the place.

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            Out of curiosity, what would be the price at Gibby's for an appetizer, main (steak) and dessert? I went on their website and they don't list the prices. My BF is a huge steak fan too and I am thinking to take him there for our anniversary.

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              The Gibby's Salad, Pickles, Coleslaw are included with you steak. You also have a choice of twice baked potatoes, vegetables, or rice pilaf.. If you order any main course even fish the salad and side is included...
              Prices for appetizers like soup and salads are reasonable. The only vegetarian option is eggplant Parmesan. I also had a lobster tail for 8$ with my steak. You can also add 3 jumbo shrimp for 9$ to any steak.
              Steak range from $30-$45 ... Fish ranges from $20-$30.... They give lemon sorbet in between the appetizer and main course to cleanse the pallet.

              I would try to Chocolate Mouse for dessert is amazing!

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          If you are close to Gibby's, why not go to DNA instead (355 Marguerite D_Youville)? Now *that* is one great restaurant. Fairly new and you can satisfy the carnivore exceedingly well. (http://www.dnarestaurant.com/eng/con/


          IIRC, the chef used to be the main cook at 'Fifteen' (Jamie Oliver's resto in London). Anyways, they have a flare for innovation and everything is made on the premises, including wonderful charcuterie.
          Warning: this is not a cheap place but I thought the price was totally worth it.
          Don't forget to visit the restroom... great theme in there. :)

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            Wow, checked out DNA online and it is my kinda place...unfortunately the resto was needed for last week, but on my next trip I will be checking them out for sure.

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              So where did you end up going and how was it? It's always helpful for others and most appreciated to hear back after recommendations. :-)

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                uhm...(red faced)....the Keg. My clients insisted, they like meat and dislike the unknown, so despite my meek protests, off to the Keg we went. It was awful. I feel particularly bad after seeing the incredible menu at DNA thanks to this post! BUT...The resto in The Mariott (Auberge Le Saint Gabriel) was wonderful. I had the duck gizzard salad, they had the mussels and somewthing else which escapes me. The salad was spectacular! I am so sorry I can;t recall more. These working lunches tend to blur the food in my mind. I know everyone was happy with the food and service.

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                  What'S really sad is that The Keg out west are usually great steaks - I have eaten at Keg in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto and hed excellent steaks - here they are really crap.

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                    I don't mind the Keg's prime rib out this way in Edmontontthe odd time I have been dragged to the Keg, but, yes, my one Montreal Keg experience was awful. There are much much better prime ribs and steak in Alberta and the Keg appeals only to those who know no better (IMHO). It is not even a matter of cost, the Keg is mid priced and a better piece of cow can be had at that or even lower price in these parts. I am quite excited about DNA...now THAT menu is appealing. Thanks for that tip fellow foodie.

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          1. I hate to do this, because it's a crime as a foodie in Montreal, but if yoyu don't mind dishing out some dough, Queue de Cheval never disappoints with their steak. (sorry foodie communiy - please don't banish me...)

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              I would have to disagree. I was very disappointed by the steak at Queue de Cheval. Not very flavourful at all. And then if you include the cost - youch. And don't even get me started about the mark-up on the wine list.

              I have no issue with paying crazy amounts for a good steak. But it had better be good. Queue de Cheval just doesn't do it for me.