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May 5, 2009 01:06 PM

Bibou (former Pif location)

I heard they were opening this week. and am anxious to go. Can't seem to get a phone number. Has anyone else heard anything? Thanks.

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  1. They open tomorrow, the phone number is 215 965 8290.

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      1. re: pat j

        Please do, I'm looking forward to going there..

    1. Went last night and you really couldn't tell it was their first. Enjoyed it so much we're going back Sunday! Had the salmon with corn cream and escargot with fava bean app.
      Very different take on the escargot...enjoyed both them very much. Hangar steak and duck were great...potatoes with the steak was a nice change rather than frites. Both cooked to perfection. Desserts were good...bit meringue tart and chocolate millefeille (sp?). About $130 for the 2 of us ...certainly well spent! Probably would share a dessert next time. Diet starts Monday so this is our last meals weekend until we drop some significant lbs...glad we got this in!!

      1. We went to Bibou last night and it was fantastic. We really like the french bistro byob concept and were fanatical Pif customers often coming down from Boston just for dinner there.

        We are now back in Philly and found that Charlotte and Pierre have done a great job in remodeling the old Pif venue. Service is excellent (very casual and friendly but professional and efficient at the same time)

        It is not a stuffy french restaurant as some have reported. It is an extremely good place to relax and enjoy excellent french bistro food.

        The french bread is made daily on premises and is delicious.

        We had the foie gras with fresh mango and pumpkin toast (the best we have ever had) and agree with pat j on the tasty escargot, followed by a very tender and tasty hanger steak. finishing with the very good cheese plate and dessert sampler tray.

        It has only been open for a week but service is seamless, friendly, and casual but professional and efficient.

        We are very picky customers and found ABSOLUTELY nothing to even grumble about. It was Great!!

        Highely recommended

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        1. re: The Smiths

          Our first experience at Bibou was soooooo good that we jumped at the chance to celebrate National Escargot Day there on Sunday.

          Pierre developed a 5 course menu where every course except dessert contained Escargot.

          I used to say there are cooks and there are chefs but Pierre Calmals fits into an altogether higher category than chefs - he works magic with the ingredients.

          Now, many people might cringe at the thought of enjoying an evening where virtually every dish contains snails but they just don't know what they are missing.

          It was a prix fixe dinner at $55 per person ($10 more than their standard Sunday prix fixe dinner) but worth every penny and then some.

          The Soupe et caviar d'escargot was a delicate tea infused celeriac cream with snail caviar. Neither of us had ever had snail caviar so it was an experience. This caviar is small and white with a quite delicate taste. Very nice. This was accompanied by 3 duck and snail brochette with parmesan which were tender and tasty.

          The sauteed trout fillet with snail almond meuniere and fennel fondue was the best trout either of us have ever had. Previously, I went to Pond for trout but Bibou is my new favorite for this delicate dish.

          The gratin of pigs feet with snails, fava beans and chanterelles was delicious.

          The wild rice, sweetbreads and snail blanquette was also to die for. The sweetbreads and snails providing the flavor and the wild rice providing substance and a really nice crunchy texture.

          We have found nothing to grouse about at Bibou at all. We are going back again next week.

          Sooo, Pierre, can we now look forward to a National Fromage Day and National Foie Gras day in the future (Or, if these days do not exist, create one?)