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May 5, 2009 12:59 PM

Rats Resto- Hamilton

Has anyone been to this resto? My son in law plans to take my daughter there for her B'day this weekend.

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  1. The food is probably not as good as say a Blue Bottle Cafe, but it is more than decent - almost worth the prices (which are still cheaper than say NYC). My last meal there was pretty good. But what made it a wonderful evening was just the whole atmosphere. The servers are attentive, the decor classy but fun, and the sculpture garden is wonderful to visit (get there early to tour it before it gets dark, then wander though again after the sun sets). It's a perfect dinner out for a couple, imo.

    1. I've been there many times and had my small wedding reception there (I live in Hamilton).
      It is the perfect special occasion venue. This time of year it is especially enjoyable to stroll the Grounds for Sculpture after dinner. My birthday is in May and we've gone many times to celebrate.
      I've never been disappointed by the food.
      I hope the rain holds off for them!

      1. Definitely worth going to for a special occasion. A unique experience, fabulous food and some wonderful sculpture on the grounds.