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May 5, 2009 12:55 PM

Montreal neighborhoods for foodie

My company is requiring us to take two weeks unpaid leave this summer, which conveniently bumps up against a business trip that I already have planned to Montreal. If I were to stay on a week to explore, what would be good neighborhoods to seek out for foodie purposes? Any thoughts on markets, restaurants, food shops welcome, and also any thoughts on where to stay.

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    For a two- or three-week stay, I'd say the Plateau, Jean Talon Market/Little Italy or Outremont/Mile End neighbourhoods would be your best bet, especially since all three are convenient to each other. Lodging is beyond the scope of this board, but B&Bs abound. Google *montreal b&bs* for tonnes of hits.

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      For two or three weeks, even a little rental apartment/self-catering is a good idea, as it will allow you to indulge in some market shopping and simple food prep - not devoting your working holiday to that. I'd prefer that if working as I wouldn't want to have to eat out every evening.

      This is not a chowhound topic; you can consult various travel boards. I agree with carswell about easiest general area for such a stay, though of course there are others that are worthwhile. But most are easily accessibly via the m├ętro.

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      1. if you drive i would travel to the farms, wineries, even go to ile dorleans, we did that last summer you could stay overnight there (if you book ahead) and use it as a base to visit quebec city. We spent a day enjoying the foods on ile dorleans-- it was wonderful. We bought the beautiful book Farmers in Chef Hats with featured recipes from the farms. We did it in a day stopping to sample many treats and also having meals and took in the museum about chanteur felix leclerc. Eating in Quebec city was a delight as well. We couldnt find accomodations because of the 400th birthday so actually did the whole thing including the sound and light show in one day+ but of course better to take a couple of days.

        even having a coffee in the terasse at this picturesque inn was such a joy, the scenery turning the coffee into a special beverage!

        1. I was brought up in the Verdun of old until grade 4. My folks on both sides were also brought in Verdun.
          I spent part of today wondering through Verdun and I'm very surprised and happy at the number of good food related businesses there now.