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May 5, 2009 12:54 PM

2 Pavlova Questions

I am making Ina Garten's pavlova on Monday for Mothers' Day. It was a HUGE hit last year, so I am going to make 2 this time.

1) Can I double the recipe, or would I be better off making 2 separate batches? I don't bake very much, and I am deciding whether the ease of mixing it once outweighs my fear of not dividing the mix correctly onto the pans.

2) What do I do with 8 extra large egg yolks? Can I store them easily for something? I've always just thrown them away, but that was for smaller batches of meringues. 8 is a lot to waste.


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  1. I wouldn't waste even one egg yolk. 8 egg yolks should be about 2 cups? You can freeze them by whisking in about 1 teaspoon of salt or sugar (1/2 tsp. per cup), depending on whether you intend to use them in a savory (sauce) or sweet (dessert) recipe.
    Just thaw them out to use in custard, cakes, puddings and sauces.
    I'd make Ina's recipe in two batches rather than doubling it.

    1. 2 Pavlova Answers:

      1) absolutely. bake them on two separate sheets, being sure to leave enough room between the racks for air to circulate...and swap the positions about halfway through baking.


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        Thanks! I had searched, but I guess I didn't use the right keywords.

        I have been wanting to make lemon curd for years. Now I have a reason!

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          next time, change the preferences (in the advanced search toolbar on the right side) to list results in order of "relevance" instead of "newest first." it's much more effective!

      2. I've read Ina Garten's Pavlova recipe on food network. Her recipe is pretty basic, and I like her idea of drawing a circle on the backside of parchment. Where we do differ is that I do not heap the meringue on the parchment and spread it into a single layer. Instead,, I use a very large piping bag with a very large round tube (or you can simply make a cone of parchment paper, staple it so it holds its shape, then cut a round hole off the tip) and then pupe the meringue into a spiral on the curcle. How "fat" the meringe is on the paper depends on how fast your move the piping cone. Then I add a ridge around the edge to help hold the berries inside instead of all sliding off.

        If you want to try this method, it might give you better control over not making fairly identical Pavlovas. And if you want to be fancy and do have decorating equipment, you can get some fancy effects using a very large star tube.

        1. Once you make lemon curd from your yolks, it's quite delicious in your pavlova. Layer it with the cream and berries.

          1. I would make a double batch and try to keep them equal. Don't fear the pav!

            The egg yolks can be used in a wine flavored Sabayon/Zabaglione/Zabaione custard sauce. Put that on top of the pavlova if you are daring. Another idea is using them in ice cream if you have a machine.