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May 5, 2009 12:48 PM

Any Good Buffets In CT?

Does not matter if its breakfast, lunch, or dinner just looking for a good buffet

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  1. was wondering this myself. Has anyone been to Hometown Buffet? The best buffet I have been to EVER is the brunch at the Four Seasons in Boston. It will cost you but it's worth it once a year. The duck spring rolls were heaven.

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      Yes i went to Home Town buffet it really depends on when you go like what food they are serving. However, the biggest problem that i have with that place is the people there are very loud and always have like 5 kids running around.I would recommend going there for lunch because i believe it is cheaper then dinner and they have a very similar menu. The Salad bar and dessert station are my two favs. There is a good buffet, if you know anyone who belongs to the TPC River Highlands, they have member and guest buffets for like mothers day and fathers day with an omelet station and all you can eat its really good.

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        My son won a raffle for a free meal at Hometown Buffet. In my opinion, even FREE was overpriced for what it was. Total garbage. Canned veggies, instant mashed, overcooked roasts, cheap pizza's, dry fried chicken. Yuck.

        We went to the Pacific Grill in Hamden last week. The American food was forgettable. However the sushi was plentiful and the asian food was good. I would go back just for the sushi.

        We have reservations for La Luna in Branford this weekend for mothers day brunch buffet. We have been there twice, both times it has been good.

        If you really want to spend some dough, you can try Custys near Foxwoods for the all you can eat lobster buffet.

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          Never, if you value your health or stomach, go to Hometown Buffet. Ever. Follow Johnpops1 advice below. I don't know how a place can ruin food the way they do, but they excel at it hands down. Salty, overcooked, canned. I commonly refer to it as, "The Trough". The one time I went was once too much.

        2. Ugh, Hometown Buffet is food. But not all that great. It's mass produced, most of it frozen before hand, and sits around under lights. I have eaten their a few times and while it is certianly passable, not some place I plan on returning to. Great for a super tight budget or for a large family.

          Waters Edge in Westbrook has an amazing brunch buffet on Sundays. Carving station, omelet station, raw bar and the last time I was there they made crepes to order. Here is the menu.

          Can't think of anymore, all the the Marriot in Mystic did an amazing Mother's Day brunch buffett but it is rather pricey. Around $50 a person I believe.

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            The Buffet at the Hometown buffet in Manchester, is probably the best one around for the money, and there food is very good. Im only recomending the one on Slater St. In manchester, They are the busisist one in the state, they serve an average of 4000 to 6000. meals a week, The turnover for there food is constant, and it is replentished quite often makeing in usually very fresh.. They only serve breakfast on Sat, and Sun. But lunch is also good.. Earle Ct.

          2. Brunch at Winfield's at the Hyatt in Greenwich: Wide variety of sushi, make-your-own pasta, make-your-own pancakes, huge carving table and excellent European-style desserts. My must-munch whenever I'm in the area on a Sunday.

            1. Brunch at Bear and Grill - Orange, CT - While I am not a fan of their regular food, they have a terrific Sunday brunch and atmosphere is very relaxed.
              The Brewhouse in SONO - Norwalk CT - Sunday Brunch

              1. Sunday Bufets I know of that are good

                Griswold Inn , Essex - Sundays
                Water's Edge, Westbrook - Sundays

                Both really good - waters Edge is pricier - but then again yuo get more assortment of food

                There used to be a place by Mystic seaport - Seamans Inne - sundays?

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                  I second the Hunt Breakfast at Griswold Inn in Essex. We went there a couple of months ago and we loved it. Not a huge selection of foods, but everything was cooked perfectly. It was cheap to, in comparison to a lot of other places. I believe it was less then $20 a person.

                  Griswold Inn
                  36 Main St, Essex, CT 06426