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May 5, 2009 12:01 PM

Indian delivery in Boston?

I'm looking for a place that has good Indian food that would deliver to Boston (chinatown specifically). Does anyone know if India Quality in Kenmore delivers? I couldn't tell from their website. Also, I'd rather not do it through or some other 3rd party...they usually end up charging a lot extra for the delivery. Thanks!

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  1. Try calling India Samraat on Mass Ave. With a long day scheduled today, I did a large take out order from them last night. Perfect food last night and wonderful leftovers today.

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      I've read reviews that they take a long time to deliver...did you experience this? And if so how long did it take? Thanks.

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        I've ordered delivery to the Park Square area from Samraat (using -- a great service that originated in NYC, although not a lot of Boston restaurants participate). I don't recall the delivery time being unreasonable (the breads were still hot when they arrived), and the food was pretty good.

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          I live nearby and do take-out so I can't comment on that. I do know that they have a lot of delivery business and seem to have drivers on the move most of the time. They seem well organized to handle the orders.

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            My experience with them thru ordering via is 'kind of long". Not completely unreasonable, but not a choice when you're starving and need the food NOW! I would say it averages a good 45 mins for me, working in Kendall Sq. With that being said, their food is mighty delicious though, once it gets here.

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              Find 19 other friends and strangers (or just plan on eating a lot) and order from these guys - they'll deliver. Or just stop by and get the daily specials.

              So so so good.

            2. Try some places closer to Chinatown: Mela in the South End or Tantric near the Theater District.


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                I haven't much about those do they compare to others in the Boston area?

              2. We ended up ordering delivery form India Samraat through foodler. It was pretty quick delivery (much faster than they said). The food was pretty good, not my favorite Indian food but I'd order it again. My only compliant was that the order of Naan was a little skimpy...just one piece cut into 2...I was expecting 2 pieces for what it cost.

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                  Thanks for getting back to us. Now, I can answer the question about prompt delivery when I'm recommending India Samraat.

                2. India Quality delivers through foodler.