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May 5, 2009 11:56 AM

Natural Food Coloring by Seelect?

Has anyone had any experience with this brand? This weekend, I plan on baking a Red Velvet Cake using their natural red food coloring (made of Hibiscus extract and beet powder extract).

Does it hold up well during baking? If not, can anyone suggest another natural alternative? I know I'm not the first to attemp this, but I want to bake a thoroughly red Red Velvet Cake that does not require copious amounts of artificial coloring.

Any ideas are appreciated - thanks!

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  1. Unfortunately I don't have any input, I was just about to order this product for the exact same purpose. If it works I would really appreciate it if you would post the results!

    Good luck.

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      I just spoke to a salesperson at natural flavors and she said that other people have not had a lot of success using their food colorings for red velvet cake. I am going to attempt to make a version of red velvet cake that uses beets, red wine vinegar, and non dutch cocoa along with their hibiscus coloring and maybe that will turn out. I get the impression that you will never get a super intense red but you could still wind up with a reddish hue.

      good luck