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May 5, 2009 11:47 AM

Canned Hash

OK, OK, I know I should make it from scratch, but I want quick. What have you used that you liked?

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  1. Mary Kitchen from Hormel. We don't use it as much since we started making our own, but fried up in a pan so it's a little crispy, Mary Kitchen works just fine.

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      I agree with Mary Kitchen. We don't eat it that often, but when we do, that is what I make.

    2. I usually get Armour, but I haven't found one I hate! MK works well for me, too. I grew up eating canned CB hash, and find that I have to work pretty hard to make one from scratch that I like as well. There's a cafe I've been to that has both homemade and canned as menu choices. I'd read a lot of raves about the homemade on the LA Board, and spent the extra 25ยข or whatever for that. Next time I'll save my money...

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      1. re: Will Owen

        I did not grow up with CB hash but seeing it on t.v. and reading about it, it sounded delicious, I bought the only thing available to me, which would be Armour brand in a can. I have tried it probably 3 times and crisped it up as much as I could and still was left with a "metal, fake" flavor. I liked the "idea" of what I was tasting but not the actual thing. My poor hubby doesn't like corned beef so I will probably have to wait until I travel to the east and/or south to enjoy a good hash.


        1. re: Will Owen

          I find Armour just to greasy. Mary Kitchen is less greasy, but still not very good. I got spoiled. We used to have a Pace Warehouse that carried Stagg Corned Beef Hash with green chilis. Damn that was good. Not greasy. Not 80% potato. The green chilis added just the perfect flavor.
          Then Sams bought out Pace, and Hormel bought out Stagg, and now I do without. :-(

        2. I grew up eating Mary Kitchen, and I like it just fine.

          In my mind, canned hash and from scratch are just two different things, both good. I admit I kind of like getting canned hash at a diner sometimes, it's comforting.

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          1. Thanks all. Mary Kitchen is what's in the pantry. Thought I'd step up if you had a better one. I haven't opened this and I've had it for soooo long, I may toss it and buy new.

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