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Canned Hash

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OK, OK, I know I should make it from scratch, but I want quick. What have you used that you liked?

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  1. Mary Kitchen from Hormel. We don't use it as much since we started making our own, but fried up in a pan so it's a little crispy, Mary Kitchen works just fine.

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      I agree with Mary Kitchen. We don't eat it that often, but when we do, that is what I make.

    2. I usually get Armour, but I haven't found one I hate! MK works well for me, too. I grew up eating canned CB hash, and find that I have to work pretty hard to make one from scratch that I like as well. There's a cafe I've been to that has both homemade and canned as menu choices. I'd read a lot of raves about the homemade on the LA Board, and spent the extra 25ยข or whatever for that. Next time I'll save my money...

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        I did not grow up with CB hash but seeing it on t.v. and reading about it, it sounded delicious, I bought the only thing available to me, which would be Armour brand in a can. I have tried it probably 3 times and crisped it up as much as I could and still was left with a "metal, fake" flavor. I liked the "idea" of what I was tasting but not the actual thing. My poor hubby doesn't like corned beef so I will probably have to wait until I travel to the east and/or south to enjoy a good hash.


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          I find Armour just to greasy. Mary Kitchen is less greasy, but still not very good. I got spoiled. We used to have a Pace Warehouse that carried Stagg Corned Beef Hash with green chilis. Damn that was good. Not greasy. Not 80% potato. The green chilis added just the perfect flavor.
          Then Sams bought out Pace, and Hormel bought out Stagg, and now I do without. :-(

        2. I grew up eating Mary Kitchen, and I like it just fine.

          In my mind, canned hash and from scratch are just two different things, both good. I admit I kind of like getting canned hash at a diner sometimes, it's comforting.

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            Thanks all. Mary Kitchen is what's in the pantry. Thought I'd step up if you had a better one. I haven't opened this and I've had it for soooo long, I may toss it and buy new.

          2. It reminds me of dogfood but you can make a decent omelet-type thing if you take a small amount of canned corned beef hash and frizzle it in butter before you put the beaten egg in the frying pan. I think the brand I've used is Hormel---comes in the small can since I don't need much. My mother used to bake canned corned beef hash in a baking dish then when it was hot and starting to get crusty on top she would make indentations in the hash and break an egg into each one then bake it again until the eggs were set. Everybody but me liked it.

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              That was one of my favorite supper dishes when I was a kid, even though Mom put the eggs into COLD CB hash and then put that in the oven, so the eggs were harder than hard-boiled! Always was served with canned spinach.

            2. I prefer Mary Kitchen Roast Beef Hash. A bit less salty, OMO. There cans are coated on the inside so you don't get the "metal taste" someone complained about. Not an "everyday" item but good to have on the shelf for those days when you just want to throw something together. I usually add extra onions and garlic, mushrooms (canned if necessary) and some green peppers. Served with eggs over easy and English muffins.

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              1. re: al b. darned

                Agree with the above post that it's better to start with canned corned beef and add your own potatoes and onions to it...the canned hash is pretty greasy . I've never detected a metallic taste in the canned corned beef. I have noticed most of it is a producto de Brazil.

              2. Hawaiian favorite is Libby's corned beef hash.
                They also like Libby's Vienna Sausage and Hormel Spam and eggs for breakfast.

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                1. re: monku

                  i just had some corned beef hash which i prefer to the bland roast beef version. left overs went in fridge. for some reason they crisped up much more and with no sticking. i don't know if it was the chilling or the second frying but was much better.
                  beets are a good addition.
                  in hawaii they fry up canned corned beef with onions, soy sauce, serve with rice.
                  i have been using http://alohaworld.com/recipes

                  1. re: divadmas

                    Refrigerators, particularly modern ones, have a dehydrating effect on what's in there unless you put it down in the crisper (which is actually just the "much slower dehydrator"). I think I'll try doing that on purpose next time I have some - just pat it out and wrap it in waxed paper.

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      that makes sense. i had leftovers in glass corningware tray with glass top, definately not airtight. and the fried hash was not packed, kind of loose and less greasy. in fridge for 2 days at 37*. first frying it stuck like always for me and i added a little water to loosen and help poach egg on top. individual bits browned but no crust. leftovers did not stick at all though i again added shot of water for eggs to cook. a crust was quickly formed this time that i have never achieved before even with longer cooking time.

                2. Maybe its just me, but years ago I loved to fry up a can of Corned Beef Hash. Crisped that dish to a fairtheewell!

                  Today we buy three or four cans of Mary Kitchen a year...absolutely devoid of any taste. A severe disappointment.

                  Why do I keep doing this? Some say a sign of mental illness is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

                  1. canned corned beef hash is so awesome but at the same time it's really greasy and gross. I have cooked all the corned beef ones, and I like them all, esp. Mary Kitchen, but I crisp it up and then at the last minute throw it into a bowl with several layers of paper towels and flip it over and mash it gently a couple of times to minimize the grease before tossing it back into the skillet to warm it back up and coating it with a large amount of ground pepper. I haven't had it in years because it's such a gut bomb, ut I think I'm due, now that i read about it

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                      Whenever I make canned corned beef hash, while cooking in a fry pan over medium heat, I place paper Luncheon napkins directly over the hash in the pan....it absorbs the oil as it heats up and 2-3 changes are necessary before I flip. I use the napkins to dry the pan itself as well, before tossing, to absorb what has rendered into the bottom of the pan. When I flip the hash, the process is repeated. At no time are the napkins in danger of catching fire. The CBH remains crisp and dry.... and slides out of the pan very easily.

                      I mention this only to save you the extra effort of having to wash the extra bowl

                    2. on our lake trips, where we'd spent several days with our family and our best friends and their kids, we'd both have our 'possibles bags' filled with what we liked for our snacks and food stuffs for our meals.
                      I loved making huge breakfasts usually with all the typicals that great breakfasts are made of.
                      they always brought cans of Hormel corned beef and hash and did easy over eggs over them.

                      1. When I was a kid my mother would take leftover roast beef and potatoes and add a can of Mary Kitchen when she made hash. After I got my first apartment alone after college a decided to make hash and eggs. Since I did not have any leftovers I just used the can of Mary Kitchen. I akso added about a half cup of Crisco shortening. Ah, the novice cook that I once was.