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May 5, 2009 11:45 AM

NYC C'Hound ISO Decadent Sunday Brunch

Manhattan c'hounder in town for mother's day...i really want to treat my mom to a great brunch on sunday and would love local suggestions. Any area of DC is okay, but if you need specifics i would say downtown, dupont circle, georgetown, or u street corridor. My mom is young and not at all stuffy so a fun and hip location would be a plus. So far i've heard about: Brasserie Beck, Farenheit (at the ritz), Tabard Inn, and Cashion's Eat Place. What do you guys think? Thanks!

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  1. Cashion's and Tabard Inn are great for brunch. I also love Acadiana, Creme, and Bistro Bis.

    For something hip and different you might want to try CoCo Sala's brunch. I've only been for dinner but I bet the brunch is great!

    You might also like Cafe Atlantico's latin dim sum brunch---something different and unique yet still delicious in a fun, vibrant atmosphere.

    I recommend making reservations ASAP though.

    1. if you want decadent and hip, coco sala is totally the way to go. best of both worlds.

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        Have you tried their brunch yet? I'm really curious about it.

        I'm going there for drinks tomorrow night. Haven't been since this past Fall and am excited to get back.

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          i'll be honest, i haven't been for brunch...but my foodie girlfriends have raved about it and when i saw "decadent" it immediately made me think of their chocolate first course and dessert course.

          i have been there for appetizers and drinks...very nice time. my skinny jeans didn't think so though :)

      2. Tabard Inn is surprise. Any opinions on Brasserie Beck or Farenheit?

        1. CoCo Sala sounds amazing, but sadly my mom is allergic to chocolate!

          1. I've never been, but the Sunday brunch at Mansion on O St sounds decadent -- and like it would be something different than a normal restaurant (and they show space still for mother's day):