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May 5, 2009 11:44 AM

Where are the best local restaurants in Beijing, China?

Hi Everyone! I will be heading to Beijing again next week. I have tried many popular restaurants like the Courtyard or Quan Ju De for Peking duck. I prefer to try some local places this time. Moreover, please help me with some local places to visit for inexpensive artwork or shopping -- no more knockoffs. I am staying near Wangfujing area (East of Tiananmen Square) but I do not care for the tourist shops. One last question, how much should I tip in the restaurants? Thank you very much in advance for everyone's inputs. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!! :)

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  1. I can answer the last question: no tipping required.

    1. Don't ever tip, anything. By local, do you mean in the neighborhood of your hotel? What's more local than peking duck?

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        I think by local OP meant restaurants frequented not by tourists. We went to a "local" restaurant that's close to our hotel last year. They sold dumplings by the weight. Other than us there were no tourists there. But damned if I can tell you the name or where it was again.

      2. Over near Dongzhimen metro station, there is a famous street known as Gui Jie (Ghost Street). The exact street name is Gu Lou Dong Da Jie (it runs into Dongzhimen Nei Da Jie) and it is corner to corner restaurants. The street in lined with red lanterns and if it's great food you seek, this is the place to go. I personally wrote a solid story about restaurants in this area, and, if it's not a problem w/ the Chowhound nation (this seems like an appropriate situation to link), I'll direct you toward this link for more info. Happy eating . . .

        1. Three Guizhou Men is an excellent choice (there are four locations, including one across from the Silk Market on Dongdaqiao, and another in the multi-storey restaurant building on Worker's Stadium West Road behind Bellagio) if you like spicy food that you won't easily find outside of China. Not touristy at all. Also you might like Noodle Loft, which has two locations, one on Xidawang Lu south of Jian'guo lu, and the other on Andingmen south of the third ring road. Very authentic Shanxi style noodles and other dishes.

          For art, you might try the Liulichang art street, which is to the west of Qianmen, just south of Hepingmen subway station.

          1. I have friends in Beijing, they tell me that Da Dong is just about the best place for Beijing Duck (Quan Ju De and the others are mainly for tourists).
            They took me last time I was there, it was excellent, the presentation especially was outstanding, I'll definitely go again next time I'm in BJ.

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              I agree, Da Dong is totally better than Quan Ju De by a long shot.