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May 5, 2009 11:42 AM

Original Motorcycle Burgers

hey all!
WARNING about an overpriced Burger Trap.
Tried take out from Motorcycle Gourmet Burgers (yes I fell for that overpriced Burger trap - never again!).
The owner himself was there and the place was quiet at 1pm on a weekday afternoon, this should have been a sign
A burger and fries combo was $15.77 incl. taxes.

ordered the "popular" Banquet Burger and reg fries.
The burgers are cooked medium, well. The patty was dry, tasteless, not juicy, Wendy's burgers are way better. Meat was gristly and gross.
Bun was enormous and boring bordering on stale, they maybe do this to make the sandwich look bigger?
toppings uninpired. The BBQ sauce tasted worse than presidents choice.
Fries were ok but nothing special at all.

a waste of money, I really don't wish anyone ill will however this place should go under just for the extreme audacity of charging what they do for the subpar quality.
DON'T fall for it folks!

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    1. Funny I went there yesterday for the first time as well. While mine wasn't as bad, still some pink in the middle from their supposedly AAA beef, it was still underwhelming for the 15.77. The sweet potato fires were the worst I've ever had. I had the banquet as well, all the toppings were sub par. I will definitely not be going again. Don't waste your money here.

      1. Ah, the gourmet burger scam rears it's ugly head again.

        Oh for a simple home made real beef burger done on a flat top with the usual garnishes and a decent bun.

        Why does everyone feel they need to reinvent the wheel.


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          1. re: redearth

            Home made onion rings too please


            1. re: Davwud

              It seems that most of the time the problem isn't with the concept but rather the execution.