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May 5, 2009 11:37 AM

Cadot Restaurant Dallas

Just noticed a new sign where Positano's (18111 Preston) used to be. It now says Cadot. Has anyone heard anything about this new restaurant?

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  1. I'm wondering the same thing... The first thing that came to mind when I saw the sign was perhaps this is a new restaurant from Jean Marie Cadot (Lavendou is further up Preston).

    1. I thought it was Gaspar Stantic's new spot....hmmm

      1. I have been hired as a server at cadot and eagerly waiting for the opening. As with most new restaurants many factors delay an opening date. I am hoping to get the call monday to start menu and wine training. At this point I have no info on the menu.

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          Is it part of a group of restaurants or a stand alone?

        2. go here:

          Jean-Marie Cadot is part owner/chef - used to be chef at Lavendous and Chez Gerard.
          That's all I know.

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            Thank you. It's interesting-although Open Table has new profile information on Cadot, the reviews are still from Positano's.

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              It looks like Open Table must have a glitch related to the address or something. I can't wait for Jean-Marie's new place to open!!

              1. re: i8toomuch

                The new awning is up and it says Jean-Marie and Gaspar. I'm anxious to see the menu.

          2. Hi,

            Jetted in from London for their opening drinkie poos on Friday. Chianti was stunning and nibblies were outstanding. I've checked out menu and it's not prohibitive for lunch or dinner with main courses @ $10-15 and $15-30 respectively. Donc, see you there for the opening night later this week


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              We had lunch there today and it was very good. If we didn't know that it was the restaurant's first day we wouldn't have been able to tell. The service was spotless and the waiters knew the menu and were able to answer all questions. If you like mussels ($9.95), their's are some of the best we've had. The lunch items run from $7.95-$15.00. There is something for everyone (anything from a sandwich or salad to pasta, fish or steak or lamb chops). We are looking forward to going back.

              1. re: mjtx

                Since you are posting this on multiple threads, and you are obviously really into this place, how about some actual food details or something to convince us that you aren't part of their PR team?

                1. re: kthxbye

                  My husband had the mussels with herbs cream sauce and white wine. He shared these with me. These came with French Fries. We recently returned from Brussels and the mussels and French Fries here were equal to any we had in Brussels. I ordered the soup of the day which was asparagus soup. It was cream based and very tasty. Instead of an entree I ordered the crispy duck confit spring rolls with an apricot orange sauce appetiser. The spring roll also was , very tasty. I am not part of the PR team-I just live in the neighborhood. I only posted on two threads because I thought that since I started this particular thread that it would be nice to report my vist on this thread. The other thread was asking for some interesting places for lunch and I thought that this was an interesting place for lunch and the original poster of the other thread might not know to come to this particular thread.