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May 5, 2009 11:26 AM

Looking for nice round deep fry basket

I got a 5-quart Lodge enameled dutch oven (the one with stainless handles) and I'd like to find a deep-fry basket to go with it that:

1. Won't scratch the enamel - i.e., no rough ends on the wires or the frame holding it together
2. Is more than 3-3/8" deep (which is the depth of the one Lodge sells)
3. Is between 9" and 10" in diameter

The Browne-Halco one I bought, sight unseen, not only has wire that is unraveling around the edges, but also is poorly finished on the ends of the wire frames to the point where shaking it back and forth in the pan would probably scratch the enamel pretty badly.

Recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Check your local restaurant supply store -- chances are they have exactly what you're looking for. Be sure to bring your pot!

    1. I'm happy with my Lodge deep fry basket for my 7 qt., but don't use it often because of the amount of oil it takes. You might have more luck with a 5 qt. Here's a link to a Lodge 9 in. basket. I'm pretty sure mine is the 10 1/2 ", which fits the 7 qt. quite well, and the basket is of decent quality.

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        Thanks for the recommendation. I went and looked it up on Amazon for the reviews, though, and came across someone who said: "The quality was definitely excellent as far as the basket is concerned. The handle, however, is pretty flimsy. The handle does not lock into place very well, and can come completely separated from the basket when you tip it, or even while shaking it slightly."

        How does your experience with the handle compare with this? That's one reason I was leery of buying the 9" Lodge one (the other one was that it seems too shallow for the Lodge dutch oven - or is it not supposed to rest on the bottom?)

      2. check all clad they have 2 sizes, as to depth I think they have a clip so it doesn't need to be fully submerged, which may or may not help..

        If shallow oil is really all you need I think you could get away with joyce chen strainer which is $9 from amazon.