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May 5, 2009 11:20 AM

Looking for Langoustines

Anyone know if there is a place I can find fresh whole langoustines in the area. I'd be willing to travel Baltimore, DC, NoVa, Annapolis for them. My mom had them and she LOVED them....thinking about making it for her for Mother's Day......

THANKS! !!!!

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  1. Not sure if crawfish would be an acceptable sub for you, but I saw some at the Shopper's supermarket at Four Corners about 2 weeks ago. I'm afraid I didn't pay close attention, so I don't know if they were previously frozen, but they were certainly thawed so looked fresh, and they were whole. Good luck!

    1. I, too, love langoustines. But I've never seen fresh ones in the area. Trader Joe's does sell them frozen, though. I've made a very simple -- and very popular -- appetizer by warming a bag of defrosted langoustines in clarified butter. I served them with a sprinkle of salt and parsley. They cook amazingly fast so only warm them over very low heat.

      1. I love langostinos also, coming from Los Angeles. I've never seen them fresh outside of Mexico. Trader Joes sells them frozen and cooked, and they are pretty good.