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May 5, 2009 11:16 AM

Bermuda - 40th Birthday Dinner Blowout Suggestion Needed (and golf too)

Hello Fellow Native and "wanna-be" Onions ,

Wife and I are staying at SH Princess, having successfully obtained a room during their 99-hour sale (we would normally stay at EB, but for 1/3 the price we'll suffer at the Fairmont ;-)

Saturday the 16th is my 40th B-day and the wife has tasked me with securing a reservation.
We've eaten at Waterlot, Tom Moore's, and most of the places in Hamilton including Harborfront (very cool location).
Since it's been two years since my most-recent (of probably 15) visits, I'm sure there are choices I'm overlooking.

Based on the volume of posts Bermuda has been getting on Chowhound, I've been able to narrow it down. I'm tempted for Waterlot or Tom Moore's, reliable and I know what I'm in for. Newport Room is closed.

Birthday Night 5/16
Port O'Call
Bistro J
Is the Saturday Night buffet at Reef's worthy of a birthday blowout?

Other options pulled from Chow:
Beau Rivage (from what I read, best for a long afternoon lunch?)

We have to eat four other nights, so some less-expensive, local, home-grown options are also appreciated. I prefer going local when travelling... think "where would you take Anthony Bordain?

Finally.... If someone can suggest a way to get me on Mid-Ocean as a "local" with a member, it's the one course I haven't played other than Port Royal (which I understand is closed) and am reluctant to pay $200+. Otherwise I'll probably wind up at Riddell Bay due to their deals through Fairmont. I shoot in the 80s despite my handicap of seven.

Thanks and I'm already drooling over the gin & tonics and dark & stormys (depending on sunny or cloudy - god forbid! - weather)

Thanks in advance !

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  1. Your concierge may be able to secure tee time at Mid Ocean. As the GM as well..

    Honestly there is no place that Anthony B would go to unless Dennis's in St. David's perhaps for shark pie?

    I think The Reefs is fabulous but truth be told I have not been there since they rebuilt.

    I trust Athena's judgement on where to go....

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    1. re: phelana

      Thanks.... I eagerly await her direction.
      The other posts were mostly 'general' dining (I know I know, there is no such thing in Bermuda).
      Now I'm thinking shark pie and a Barritts

      1. re: dagmar

        I know Pink Beach Hotel used to have an agreement for gold at Mid Ocean. What is a Barritts?

    2. Newport Room is opening up again this week. I'd say it's a better choice than Waterlot for service. Last time I was at Waterlot, the service was awful for the price that you're paying. Food is good for both places.

      Port O Call has renovated and is quite nice. They've also opened up a separate sushi/Japanese bar upstairs which is really nice called Pearl. If you want something a little lighter, grab a table on the patio outside and watch the sun go down over the harbour. Price is a little bit more expensive but the food is quite good.

      Bistro J, have not been overwhelmed by them ever since they reopened. Found the food has been a little weak but that's just my opinion, it's still got a great atmosphere.

      Mickey's is always reliable, nothing spectacular but the view. But I have not been this season yet.

      If you want splurge worthy, Harry's can be your place as well. Steaks are their specialty and they do an excellent job of it. Prices are high though and hence definitely a splurge.

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      1. re: bdachow

        *feels the pressure*

        I'd take Anthony Bourdain to Art Mel's Spicy Dicy for a fish sandwich on raisin bread, and the Black Horse in St David's for shark hash and another fish sandwich.

        I went to Beau Rivage with girlfriends for lunch at 12.30 and we didn't leave til 6.45 p.m., they have a seating area by the pool where you can migrate to, it's like being on your patio but someone brings you drinks instead of you having to - my idea of heaven.

        I would do Mickey's during the day, not for your beeday dinner.

        What bdachow said about Bistro J, Newport Room and Harry's. Never had dinner there just lovely snacks with drinks - calamari, excellent fries, etc.

        I've heard good reports of the The Reefs for Sunday, but don't know about Sat. night.

        Um, don't go looking for shark pie because it doesn't exist ;)

        1. re: Athena

          Thanks guys/gals... a Bermudian Onion feeling pressure? That'll be the day !
          The only pressure I think exists there are the Bermuda Highs.

          I'm leaning towards Harry's or Newport Room... or perhaps we'll start early at Beau Rivage and make a feast out of it. Either way, we'll make it to BR at least one day for lunch.

          I had a feeling Mickey's was a "cheeseburger in paradise" place... you think it's better than it is because the view helps. Similar to the way you think a $100 wine taste better than the $25 bottle based on price.

          ** doing best Homer Simpson impression *** MMMMMmmmmmm.... shark hash and a fish sandwhich on raisin bread ! I'm there !

          As always, I'll be sure to report back afterwards (after the 18th)

          1. re: dagmar

            Hope I'm not too late with this -- I'd suggest you look seriously at The Point, the restaurant at the new hotel at Tucker's Point. We at there on mother's day -- often a day for spotty meals and service -- and had what was hands down the best meal I've had in Bermuda. It is reputed to be pricey but four of us ate for around $100 per person, including app, main course and desserts plus wine for the adults. The only slight disappointment was in the desserts, some of which were not quite as good as the rest of the meal. The molten chocolate cake was great, though....

      2. What about Blu? Have seen this listed many times on the postings. Also, was there two years ago and we had great meals at Ascots and Ristorante Primavera and Omakase Sushi Bar (do the Italian downstairs)