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Which one should we choose? Lauriol Plaza, Grillfish, Clydes Gallery Place or Meiwah?

We're visiting DC next weekend with our baby and 6 year old (who eats in a wide variety of restaurants.) We're planning to meet friends for an early dinner on Friday. They gave us a list of their favorite restaurants. Which one should we choose? Lauriol Plaza, Grillfish, Clydes Gallery Place or Meiwah?

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  1. Those are actually a good list of reasonable, non-chain (Clyde's is a DC chain) restaurants for kids. It depends what kind of food you want...Mexican, seafood, American or Chinese.

    1. Lauriol and Clydes can be pretty noisy, particularly on a Friday with the happy hour crowd, and I don't care for their food. Grillfish is alright, but out of that list, I'd be inclined to go to Meiwah.

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          with the weather turning nice outside, I'm inclined to reccomend Lauriol Plaza and/or Meiwah -

        2. I would tend to say Lauriol because that has been a favorite of mine for 20 years. However - You must be prepared to wait, unless you are there REALLY Early on Friday - That may not go so well with a 6-year old and baby.
          If you think the kids may be fine waiting an hour or more, then I'd say go for it!


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            Get a rooftop table at Lauriol Plaza no later than 4:30 and you should be okay.

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              I wouldn't go to Lauriol Plaza, but I would go to all the others. Meiwah and Grillfish are right next to each other. There are other Clyde's locations, including the Old Ebbitt Grill. I have been happy at all locations. The food is good, the service is excellent, the prices are good, my 6 year old son likes it. Lauriol Plaza has okay sorta-Mexican food, but can have atrocious lines that don't live up to the food, which is fine, but not good enough to wait so long.

            2. I really find the food a Meiwah mediocre (at least the Dupont location). But I hear the other restaurant (maybe in Bethesda?) is much better.

              1. I would actually choose Clydes. They have a good variety, are fast, kid friendly, consistent food and service. I think their food is very good general american. I love their veggie sandwich and I really have never had a meal that was bad. May not have been mind blowing, but never a bad meal. I have had a few bad meals at Lauriol. If you go avoid the mexican and get the more cuban/salvadorian things.

                1. to be honest, all of these choices sound pretty dreadful to me.

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                    Ignore him...he's be a snob. All these choices are fine and you'll have an enjoyable meal with your kids.

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                      I don't think you have to be a snob to not enjoy waiting in lines for mediocre food. These aren't exactly the best DC has to offer. On a good day, they're just alright, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at any of them, particularly when there are better choices only a few blocks away.

                      When I go to Gallery Place with the kids, I avoid the crowds at Clydes and go to Sushi-go-Round. It's not the best sushi, but it comes on a conveyer belt, which the kids always think is fun, the prices are reasonable, and you have portion control. And even a picky kid can get a bowl of rice and some edamame beans. Anyway, it's more about having a good time with the kids anyway; the meal should be secondary.

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                        Um, not likeing mediocre chains and over-priced cafeterias do not make me a snob, they make me an informed eater who is trying to help someone avoid a bad dining choice.

                    2. If your friends are willing to try something new, you may want to give Cafe Deluxe on Wisconsin Ave in Cleveland Park a try. It's similar fare to Clydes, but I'd say better atmosphere, very consistent service/food, good bang for the buck, and they have butcher paper and crayons so the kids can draw on the tables.