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May 5, 2009 09:07 AM

Last min cupcake delivery - Sugar Sweet Sunshine

My friends got married on Sat and are due to arrive in NYC any moment now to start their honeymoon. Very last minute I decided this morning to arrange for some cupcakes to be delivered to their hotel with a note wishing them a happy honeymoon. Called Sugar Sweet Sunshine from the UK this morning as soon as they opened, they were really lovely and helpful and are going to deliver a selection of cupcakes to the hotel today along with the note with a personalised message for me. Great service at such short notice and amazing value for money compared to the UK - cakes and delivery came to $31, just over £20. Rarely, if ever, found in London! Now I just have to hope my friends actually like the cakes....!

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  1. Even if Sugar Sweet Sunshine didn't make very nice cupcakes (and they do--good choice!), I think you can be absolutely certain that what your friends will enjoy most is your thoughtfulness. My ice cold cockles have have been warmed by this...

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      Ah goody, I'm glad! Was just thinking on the tube this morning how much I'd enjoyed their wedding (prob too much!) and wanted to kick off their honeymoon with just a little something. Am sure they will appreciate the thought and am pleased that I picked a decent place as well. Will let you know what they think of the actual cupcakes and their faves.

    2. The people there are great! Personally, I really like their cupcakes and cakes!

      1. FYI: For last, last minute cupcakes: SSS is on Cupcakes in an hour, guaranteed! Gotta love that.

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          Yeah, I looked at that - what an awesome idea!! They only had as many as half a dozen cupcakes available for delivery through though so I went with SSS direct. Will definitely keep details for future reference!

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            Yes, is a God send! I can't tell you how many times I've ordered 1/2 dozen SSS cupcakes on a Friday night after work...To be enjoyed on my couch while watching TV. :)