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May 5, 2009 08:19 AM

Week in Ajaccio!

hello french chowhounders! will be staying in a villa near ajaccio for a week in late june, and looking for any food recommendations you can offer. favorite patisseries, fromageries, boulangeries, bistros? favorite markets? local specialties, groceries?

we have large appetites and adventurous palates. appreciate any recommendations you can provide.

thanks so much in advance!

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  1. I just got back from spending a week in Corsica. We visited Calvi and l'ille-Rousse. I wish we had had time to make it to the southern end of the island, but we loved everything that we were able to see.

    We stayed in modest hotels and asked the folks at the hotels to refer us to places to eat. We bought bread/pastries in a random manner and it was all wonderful. I was there over Easter, so we enjoyed the palmiere.

    I think Corsica is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. You are sure to love it!

    1. Wild boar charcuterie is excellent, and an island speciality. There are some really interesting local cheeses. Pietro beers made with chestnuts are fantastic. The local wine is interesting and there are some wineries around Ajaccio (on the airport side IIRC). I also remember there is a specialist corsican food shop near the airport, and also one in the main street of the town. It is a three years since we stayed there so tricky to remember names.

      We didn't know a lot about Corsican food before our visit but it was easy to get to grips with as the Corsicans are rightfully proud of the their food heritage. We used Michelin as our guide for restaurants and that worked pretty well.

      1. Yes, we had wild boar and goat. Both were good - not gamey. One of the children had an omlette made with one of the local cheeses. It was to die for. The picky eater child liked it too!