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May 5, 2009 07:15 AM

Good place for Tea

Hello CHers --

Can anyone recommend a place that has very good tea? I'm meeting a friend this afternoon, and she's really getting into high quality tea. Many coffee shops will simply throw a bag of twinings into a cup of tepid water and call it a day. Ideally they'll serve coffee too, because I'm not really a tea drinker.

I'm looking for the kind of place where we could sit and talk for a few hours and not have wait staff pushing us along. So... nothing like an English Afternoon Tea service. Just the drink, not the "event."

Neighborhood isn't so important, but I would say UES would be less attractive than anything below 42nd street, or possibly on the west side.


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  1. A few (very different!) options for your consideration:

    The Adore - 17 East 13th St
    Japanese run tea house that serves perfectly made pots of tea using leaf from Mariage Freres in France. Atmosphere is cosy and cute. Not particularly posh.

    Tamarind Tea Room - 41-43East 22nd St
    Tea room attached to the excellent Indian restaurant. Well made pots of tea and somewhat more polish surrounds to Adore. Tasty nibbles as well if you get hungry

    Demel Bakery - under the Plaza at 14 East 60th St
    In addition to tasty slices of cake and other treats, Demel serve good size pots of tea and don't seem to mind loiterers. I often head there with a book and sit.

    Hope these help!