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May 5, 2009 07:10 AM

Vetri: Reservation Quest

I have been dying to go to Vetri's for years, but haven't been able to get a reservation. This year, I have talked my husband into taking me to my special birthday dinner on the actual day, Tuesday, 5/26. Even though I am way beyond the 2-months-out for a Vetri reservation, what do you think the odds are that I could get in?

Do they have a waiting list? On their website, it says they accept walk-in's - does this really work?

I would hope that a Tuesday night would be easier than a weekend.

Wadda ya think? Any advice would be much appreciated!

And, while we're at it, if there is no hope for Vetri's, what would be your second choice?

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  1. Just call them up and ask, they'll help you if they can.

    Sometimes I see reservations available on Opentable for the following night, I think when they get cancellations they make the tables available on short notice. You would probably have better luck if you could just call and ask them to call you if something opens up (no matter the date/time) and weren't aiming for a specific day.

    You could go to Osteria instead, it's an easier reservation and Marc Vetri spends a good bit of his time there.

    1. I agree with Buckethead. Just call and ask. Weeknights are better than weekends and if you are willing to be there at 6:15 or wait until 9:00 you'll have better luck yet. Have your husband call and beg procrastination and the need to be saved! Also, you may not get "the call" until the day before or even the day - I don't know if you'd be comfortable with that.
      I love Osteria as well, but if I was hyped for Vetri I don't know if it would do it for me!

      1. thank you for your responses! I am happy to report that my husband was able to get us a reservation! I am sooooo excited!

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          Wonderful! Enjoy your birthday! Be leisurely and wallow in the wonderful food and service!