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May 5, 2009 07:04 AM

Bugatti's in Dallas

Sometimes when you are on a road trip and don't know the area chains are the safest bet. But a few years agao I saw a write-up of this restaurant, which is just north of Love Field on the water and it said it was a family owned restaurant. so we tried it. Being from NY I am fussy about Italian food and Bugatti's did not disappoint. The food and the service were both excellent. We have been back to Dallas 3 more times and Bugatt's has become a tradition. Ate there again last weekend and was not disappointed at all ... food was really good and the service was exceptional. My only issue is the high price of wine by the glass, but, oh well, if that is my only complaint, not bad !!

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  1. Nice gem indeed. Bugatti's has always been a hidden delight, family operated too. If you go today and then again next year, they will remember you and what you drink. I used to frequent (on occasion) that dive bar in that same center, but they were forced out by the owners and moved down the street a bit.

    Bugatti's does an excellent job on seafood items, so be sure to check for specials. Also, this is a wonderful small banquet or large party location. Plenty of parking, and a class act.

    1. The mushroom soup at Bugatti's is excellent ...

      1. Delicious food and don't be surprised if the owner stops by your table just to chat.

        1. Bugatti's has survived in that location many years despite the chaos of the surrounding businesses in the same center. Always solid food and service.

          And nobody works a room like Zee. On the resto's web site, he's listed as the maitre' d but I always thought he was the owner.

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            I had my wedding reception at Bugatti and the service was beyond spectacular. We went back for our 1 year anniversary dinner and were treated like royalty. I love their food, but the thing they offer that no one in Dallas can top is their service. Every meal there feels like a special occassion.

            I also thought Zee was the owner.