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May 5, 2009 07:02 AM

Trader Joe's meals more-or-less ready to go?

I've been down on Trader Joe's lately as I've been striking out on most of my purchases there. I do occasionally swing in for eggs or prepackaged greens, and every time I do so I walk past the cooler containing all the meals to go. I've explored the majority of the salads, and am a bit wary of sandwiches made the previous day or two that sit resting. I am a little more interested in their other entrees or entree components - the bagged pot roast, lamb chops, etc. Can anyone speak to these?


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  1. I went through a couple weeks of exploring the Trader Joe's cases of both frozen and refridgerated dinners while DH & I were both working 12+ hour days. It's been pretty hit-or-miss from my experience. Products we liked were mainly frozen veggies, like the ginger carrots or the spicy green beans. The Naan is also great - 2 mins in the oven! We've had less success with proteins. A refridgerated lamb dish (red wine sauce maybe?) was chewy and unappetizing, but the frozen chicken dish with peppers and some kind of tropical sauce (can't remember the name) was actually pretty darn tasty. Add a bag of pre-cooked, microwave brown rice and you've got a decent dinner in just a few minutes. It was the only meat we tried that we said we'd eat again.
    Hope that's helpful!

    1. i like the spicy rancharo egg salad in the "ready to eat case" as well as the hummus dips (good with some pita or bread).

      they sometimes have a bagged (not plastic box) of korean shortrib that is very good broiled (i do not think it says to broil/bbq - but it gets crispy if cooked for a bit on some fire and it's delicious). i haven't seen this in a while and think it might have been replaced by the maui shortrib. i haven't tried that.

      recently had a marinated pork loin (also in a bag, not box). it was fantastic. but it took about 4x more time to cook than the directions said (for the thermometer to register cooked).

      i have been unimpressed with the pollo asada and curry chicken. both are ok, at best.

      the boxed items near the salad have all disappointed me.

      1. A favorite meal at my house is TJ's Orange Chicken, TJ's Bird Nests and white rice (made in the rice cooker).

        1. The refrigerated red peppers stuffed with tomatoey turkey and rice are pretty decent for a quick meal.

          1. I like the tubs of bbq pulled chicken and pork. Heat in a microwave or stovetop for about 1.5 minutes and throw on some quality rolls (TJ's whole wheat burger rolls, for instance) w. a scoop of cole slaw made with FAGE (I don't do mayo). Easy, quick and tasty!