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May 5, 2009 06:40 AM

Vegetarian eats in harvard sq?

There are a few of us gals up here for a couple of nights staying in Cambridge(but we will take the T for good food). We are looking for any fabulous vegetarian places in the area for dinner. Some of us eat meat, but we were hoping to find a place with delicious vegetarian options too. tonight we are heading to harvard sq. and tomorrow into the city.... any help?!?!

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  1. Veggie Planet is at 47 Palmer Street, right in Harvard Square. Fun, casual, and very tasty.

    1. I'm not a super duper fan of the stuff right in Harvard Square, but a few nearby ideas:

      About a 5- to 10-minute cab ride away is Oleana, an upscale Turkish restaurant. Their vegetarian tasting menu of five mezze followed by dessert is delicious, and a really good value at 42 bucks. Plenty of meat dishes too, but the tasting menu is the real standout to me.

      About the same distance away in the other direction is Gran Gusto, a pretty darn authentic Italian trattoria. Excellent all around, but I think the wood-fired pizza is about as good as I've had in the States.

      1. Upstairs on the Square has a yummy vegi tasting menu. The meat eaters will be happy too.

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          T.W.Food always has a vegetarian tasting menu,as well as a good amount of vegetarian apps and entrees to choose from.We have never been more satisfied with our meat loving and veggie loving friends than here. 2 bus lines intersect here,as well as a 2 minute car ride from harvard sq

        2. I'll second the T. W. Food rec -- my wife is a vegetarian and has eaten quite well there. Other options nearby that are vegetarian-friendly include EVOO (~15 min walk from Harvard Square; great food with several veggie options on the menu) and Dali (across the street from EVOO, Spanish tapas - options are a bit more limited for vegetarians unless they eat seafood, but still easily possible).

          You might also consider Ten Tables -- I haven't been to the Cambridge location yet, but the JP location has done a great job with vegetarian options when I've gone with my wife.

          1. Wagamama is a good lunch option for vegetairans and non-vegetarian alike if you want to stay in the Harard Sqaure area.