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May 5, 2009 02:43 AM

Poughkeepsie/Dutchess County Delis

Well, it seems that I am heading back East for a bit and I'm looking for the Chicken Parm or Meatball subs I remember.
Consequently I'm looking for the Italian deli of my youth, you know the kind, family-run hangout, short order food, a deli case with some macaroni and bulk Boars Head. Bonus points for an impatient wizened owner holding court.

I'll be in the Poughkeepsie area, but am willing to travel most of Dutchess County as well as just across the river for the right kind of place.

Suggestions appreciated.

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  1. poughkeepsie has adams, which is a store you should definitely check out...but i think the place you want to go to is in poughkeepsie, a few blocks west of the train station, called rossi's deli.

    there's also a place on route 9 in fishkill, joe's marketplace, that makes their own fresh mozzarella and has the same old feel. it's better, but not hugely so:

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      Yeah, Rossi's I've been to a couple of times.
      Last time I was there (3 or so years ago?), I didn't see chicken parms or meatball subs on the menu. Maybe I missed them though.

    2. joe's marketplace is great. i also like vinny's italian market and deli on rt. 55 in the apple valley plaza near titusville road:

      1. I'll second Rossi's. Definitely.

        1. Others have mentioned Joe's and I'd agree with them. Probably your best bet.

          1. S&J's Deli, on Route 52 in East Fishkill. If you get off the Route 52 exit on the Taconic and head on Route 52 west (it should be a left no matter which direction you're coming from on the Taconic), it's in a plaza not too far along on the right. I've never been disappointed with their sandwiches. Their meatball subs are absolutely delicious. They have sausages and peppers hanging from the ceiling, and they definitely have macaroni and bulk Boars Head!

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              Joes is certainly very good, but meatball subs are not on their regular sandwich/sub menu that is on the wall above the counter area. occasionally they have meatballs in the deli case and you can get a sub on those days. Rossi's is the same way - if they have meatballs on the day you go in, you can get a meatball sub. I prefer the bread at Rossi's (although Joe's is not bad at all).