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May 4, 2009 09:08 PM

Talula brunch. Please share your thoughts...

I'm probably taking my family to Talula for brunch on Mother's Day but I wanted to here some thoughts about it from those that have recently been. All of the posts I've seen are at least a few years old, so any more recent reviews/critiques would be great (what's served, is it fresh, how's the service, what would you recommend, etc...).
Thanks for your time.

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  1. Talula's brunch is a combination of buffet style and individual service. Buffet usually features your usual stuff (belgian waffles, french toast, etc.), a few lunch-type items (something roasted and carved, a fish item, pasta, etc.), plus a pretty broad selection of various cold salads, good smoked salmon, and lots of good sweets. Plus you can order egg dishes to order, including a nice benedict and an egg & chorizo sandwich. It is not a luxe, completely over-the-top brunch, but it is usually not priced like one either (on normal days its $29 - 1/2 for kids) - though I'm not sure what pricing they're doing for mother's day. Nice to sit outside on the patio.

    1. I actually did Talula for brunch last mother's day and it was very nice. Same spread as Frod described, i remember there being a carved beef and carved turkey, and all that other stuff as well. The made to order egg dishes were also very good and the dessert spread is delicious. The price is right and they have an outdoor seating area as well.

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        Talula will have 2 Mom Buffets -

        1030-230 for brunch @ $35 and 3-6 for dinner @ $39

        Menu -
        Egg & Omelet Station (brunch)
        Try Our Specialty Omelets, Steak & Eggs,
        Eggs Benedict with Smoked Tomato Marmalade

        Waffles, Pancakes & French Toast (brunch)
        Whipped Butter, Maple Syrup
        You'll Also Find Here Turkey Sausage & Bacon

        Smoked Salmon, Bread & Bagel Bar (brunch)
        Norwegian Smoked Salmon with all the Accompaniments:
        Assorted Bagels & Breads, Croissants
        Cream Cheese & Butter, Assorted Jams,
        Fresh Strawberries, Yogurt & Granola

        Salad Station (brunch & dinner)
        A Variety of Salads that Include Mediterranean Cous Cous Salad, Tomato-Cucumber-Basil Salad, Grilled Asian Chicken Salad, Shrimp & Udon Noodle Salad, Traditional Caesar, Italian Orzo Pasta Salad, Field Green Salad, Tropical Fruit-Black Bean Salad, Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad & More

        Antipasti & Assorted Artisan Bread Station (dinner)
        Imported Cheeses, Sliced Cured Meats, Marinated Vegetables, Olives, Talula Roasted Garlic & White Bean Puree

        Soup Station (dinner)
        "Best Homemade Soup in Miami"
        A Choice between Two Freshly Made Soups by Chef AndreaCurto-Randazzo

        Chef's Carving & Savory Station (brunch & dinner)
        Marinated Char-Grilled Flank Steak, Roast Turkey, Served with Assorted Sauces
        Fresh Local Fish of the Day, Chicken Piccata & Pasta Del Giorno
        Seasonal Vegetables & Garlic & Herb Roasted Potatoes

        Sweets (brunch & dinner)
        An Extravagant & Endless Display of Miniature Pastries, Bars, Cookies, Cakes, Tarts & Brownies Including Carrot Cake, Bread Pudding & More Goodies!

        210 23rd Street Miami Beach, FL 33139

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          Wow thanks everybody for responding, I really appreciate it. We're booked and excited so we'll report back on how it was. Hope you all have a nice holiday.