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May 4, 2009 08:22 PM

Bob's Clam Hut

Had wonderful fried clam strips at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery the summer before last. Visiting again this July. What else is great at Bob's and where else can I find great fried clam strips within a reasonable drive from Burlington, Ma?

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  1. Bob's has really gone downhill as of'll find many references if you search. I would probably avoid. I know we've given you several suggestions to find your beloved clam strips in the Boston/New England area on your previous posts.....hope you enjoy your trip and eats! To keep things easier for us, why not "bump" your previous post(s) and ask for more responses?

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I ate at Bob's two weeks ago on a trip back from visiting my grandmother in Portland and it was wonderful. I had the fried whole belly clams and fried scallops was great. I just do not understand those who think it is going down hill or any different than it ever has been. Maybe there is a bit of romanticism sneaking in for the "way it used to be" which is no different than it is today. Directly to Sassy...try the fried scallops if you want something a little different they are great.

      1. re: Science Chick

        Whenever I eat at Bob's (whole belly clams) I've found them to be adequate. Is there a better option in that area? The whoopie pies that they have are excellent however.

      2. I love Bob's, especially since it's right over the border when entering Maine from the south. No ocean scenery but the food, in my opinion, is exactly as advertised and delicious to boot. My favorites: the haddock and chips; the lobster roll; and, the haddock sandwich. Everything is fresh and the prices are reasonable.

        1. Gotta agree with science chick, Bob's has gone way downhill. Small portions and very greasy clams, strictly for tourists.
          Try the Clam Box in Ipswich. Its on your way up from Burlington, on 1A maybe 5 minutes from 95. Its simply the best around, and never greasy.
          Gotta go now, I'm makin' myself hungry!

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          1. re: derekj

            I agree we were there last week and ordered clam dinner and lobster roll. Clam portion was very small andlob roll was also small. We both left hungry. Clams were alright not very sweet, fries average at best. Will not be back.

          2. We drove by Bob's last week and the place was packed. I noted that Bob's is always going to be busy, regardless of what is said online because most people don't read about, nor do they really care about such matters. They go for the "experience."

            I agree that The Clam Box has quality food, but arrive right at closing time and don't think they're going to play nice and give you a break. These places are tourist traps, Woodman's, Farnham's . . . the whole lot of em are overpriced nonsense, yet they herd the masses through their doors like cattle.

            My advice is to go where you want and enjoy your fried seafood.

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            1. re: bewley

              Thanks to all for your local expertise and advice. Ate at the Clam Box two summers ago and loved their fried clam strips also--maybe it was Bob's tatar sauce that was so memorable.

              1. re: bewley

                "These places are tourist traps, Woodman's, Farnham's . . . the whole lot of em are overpriced nonsense, yet they herd the masses through their doors like cattle."

                i take great exception with you including The Clam Box (and even Farnham's) as Tourist Traps. as a Native and patron of these places for over 30 years i could not disagree more.

                1. re: ScubaSteve

                  I'm truly sorry for offending you ScubaSteve.

                  I liked the Clam Box the few times I've been there. The last time I went I had issues, as noted above, with the fact that they cut the wait one minute before closing.

                  Many places are famous and do a booming business despite lack of food quality and/or service. Many other places serve great fried clams, but dont get recognized as such. That's all.

                  Speaking of fried seafood, have you ever eaten at Fisherman's Catch in Wells Maine? I They just reopened for the season and they have excellent food.

                  There's another place in Madison CT called Lenny & Joe's "Fish Tales" (they're open year round and serve excellent fried seafood as well).

                  There's a place near me called Newick's. It's very touristy, but the food is not great (they don't change the oil enough). They still do a booming business despite the food (sort of like Bob's).

                  1. re: bewley

                    no offense taken, at all.

                    i guess as a local you kinda gotta have a Knack for going to these places to maximize the experience. like, if the line at the Clam Box is more than just popping out the door, i won't go. and Wednesday/Thursday afternoons around 2-3pm assures me of reasonable lines and fresh oil.

                    i haven't tried the place in Wells, not really my area.

                    i was in Seabrook today wishing that Ceals opened earlier. i've yet to go this year. anyone have any recent experiences there?

                    1. re: bewley

                      Last year during prime time I was last person in line at Clam Box, Scuba was there also, not only did I get served the same as everyone else, they gave us large belly clams for the same price as regular belly clams, nice touch. In fact, not one thing was an less quality or greasy tasting than if you the first in line. I also like that the CB has a sign up telling when they change their frying oil during the day. Give CB another try, it's not a Ttrap.

                2. A couple of summers ago we visited Bob's and loved their oyster roll. The oysters were perfect -- hot out of the grease, molten and still liquidy inside. One of our party had lobster stew in a bread bowl that was also very good, though the bread bowl wasn't exceptional.