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May 4, 2009 07:48 PM

Good Neighborhood Restaurants?

My boyfriend and I will be visiting from Washington, DC. We've been to Montreal a handful of times and we've hit all the big restaurants. Are there any good new neighborhood places worth trying?

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  1. I really like Taverne on Monkland in NDG. They have great pasta and meat dishes and the atmosphere is casual. It is very busy and they don't take reservations so on a nice night be prepared to wait.
    In a total different neighborhood, Tri Express on Laurier Est is the best sushi I have had in Montreal. The sushi pizza and Tri Favori roll are amazing!
    (only saw the "new" part now.. none of these are new but both are really good neighborhood restaurants)

      1. Bistro Bienville springs to mind as being a delicious, friendly neighborhood restaurant.

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          Mas Cuisine in Verdun is very good.

          1. re: bigfellow

            I've never been to the Verdun neighborhood. What's it like?

            1. re: Bood

              It's a bit like the Plateau was about twenty years ago. Slowly gentrifying, but still mostly working class. I guess you could either call it up and coming or slowly going down the shitter. It's all a matter of perspective.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                It was originally a Scottish/Irish neighbourhood. But there are many asians there now. Lots of little restaurant. Some that are very good and some, well let's just say that you should take a miss on some.

        2. I'M gonna state the obvious: Le Jolifou and Petit Alep.

          1. Bistro Bienville's great. Also in the same 'hood: the quite new Les Trois Petits Bouchons, the less new Au Cinquième Péché and the classic Le P'tit Plateau (a BYOB).

            Le Saint-Urbain and Bouchon de Liège in Ahuntsic, the former new, the latter not so much.

            Bistro Chez Roger in Rosemont and Kitchen Gallerie near the Jean Talon Market.