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May 4, 2009 07:27 PM

Looking for a new spice grinder

Any recs?

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      1. re: jaykayen

        Since I got a burr grinder for coffee, I've been using my old Krups grinder with the blades for spices, and it works fine.

        1. re: David A. Goldfarb

          I did the same exact thing with my old Krups grinder and it works just fine. But once you use it for spices it has to be a spice-only grinder.

      2. You can get a real nice one from Starbucks for about $200
        I use this one:

        1. Ikea has a ceramic grinders for $6.99. I use two, one for coarse sea salt and one for pepper. Love 'em. Also they have extra matching jars w/ lids that fit the grinding head, so you can store your spices in them, then screw on a grinder top when needed..

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          1. re: puzzler

            The ceramic grinding mechanism on the Ikea grinders look exactly like those I have been bringing back from Europe for years for friends. The mills I usually buy are made by WMF (in Germany) or Kuhn-Rikon (in Switzerland). If the mechanism is the same (and I am pretty sure it is, these are the best mills you can get. Can't imagine using my old Peugeot or spending more than 10 bucks on a mill any more. See:

          2. Garage sale. Blade coffee grinder. Don't pay more than $4.