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May 4, 2009 07:19 PM

[London] Banh mi?

I haven't found banh mi in London yet. Anyone else had any luck? Could a major metropolitan city really not be embracing this amazing taste sensation?

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  1. Banzi on Lower Road - (mentioned by Limster on another thread) - definitely does.


    1. Greenwich Market has a Bahn Mi stand!

      I was standing in line for my Goddard's pie and saw a picture of a Bahn Mi stuck to the front of the serving hatch of the trailer next door. They aren't actually calling it Bahn Mi but the ingredients are unmistakable. The stand is called 'Baguettes' or something and it has a pork baguette with everything you'd expect in a Bahn Mi!! If I hadn't been revved up about Goddard's pies I would have grabbed one right there and then! But perhaps next time.....

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      1. re: isabella_deste

        is that the little food bit next to nat west or actually in the market itself?

        1. re: alexdz

          Down by NatWest - not the covered market but the outdoor one.

          1. re: isabella_deste

            i'll try one this saturday and report back.

        2. re: isabella_deste

          This is very exciting indeed. Great find. I'm going to plan a trip especially. Thanks very much.

          1. re: Browners

            Tried the Banh Mi Greenwich stall on Sunday. It was ok, not great though. Shame as the woman on the stall was very friendly. She seemed very surprised I knew it was called a Banh Mi. She told me the stallholders are from Nha Trang on the central coast. I'm not an expert so no idea if there are regional Banh Mi styles.

            I ordered the Vietnamese Special baguette (Banh Mi in brackets on the menu). Cost £3.50. Pate and pork were decent, but the processed sausagey meat was cut too thick for my tastes. Nice crisp pickled veg but not enough of it. All rather let down by rubbish bread - the sort of sandwich baguette you might be in a four pack in a Co-op or somewhere. A bit chewy and uniform rather than a proper crisp crust and fluffy interior.

        3. Cafe Bay, on Denmark Hill in Camberwell (near Kings College hospital) does them - lunchtimes only, but they've got a couple of choices, and they're all under £3.00.

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          1. re: babybat

            I went to the banh mi stall in greenwich this sunday. I had the bbq chicken baguette (I dont know if this means i didnt actually have a banh mi). i thought it was great. the baguette was crispy and although it was definately out of a packet it did the job fine. the pickled veg was really tasty, good chilli sauce and the peanuts and masses of coriander really topped the whole thing off. good chicken as well. for £3 i thought it was well worth it. I'd definately eat it again, although its a tough call between that or a (cheaper) goddards pie and mash.

            1. re: babybat

              I was visiting a friend in hospital at King's today and stopped at Cafe Bay for lunch. I had the special banh mi, which I really enjoyed. The bread was nicely crisp and fresh and the filling generous. It had paté, roast pork and pork roll, along with mayo, spicy carrot and cucumber pickle and fresh coriander. I liked it a lot.

              1. re: greedygirl

                I went back there again today and ordered the special, with a white baguette instead of a brown one, which I had the first time. Really delicious with the chopped fresh chilli, compared to the first one. Perhaps I was just unlucky before. Had a large Americano to accompany which they have on special offer for only £1. Believe all normal coffees are that price, for drink-in or out. Total bill was £4.

              2. re: babybat

                I tried one of theirs and found it fairly tasteless. No chili on it and asked for some and they gave me some chili sauce in a bowl instead of freshly chopped ones. Their cold Vietnamese coffee was nice though.

              3. I'm from Cabramatta (Sydney's version of little Vietnam) so I know a thing or two about authentic vietnamese food. Tried the banh mi thit from the Baguettes and more store in greenwich last weekend and it was really good. I have struggled to find a good tasting authentic banh mi thit with real ingredients. This place does more than just banh mi thit. My husband had the chicken wings and he thought they tasted great - just like what yuou would get in an authentic vietnamese restaurant in cabramatta. If you fancy authentic vietnamese food, visit the store. The owners are two really friendly ladies from vietnam (nha trang) so you know its the real deal. I am defitently going back to try a few other items on their menu.

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                1. re: kl2906

                  i went again on sunday and had another good vietnamese sandwich. i think for £3 its not as cheap as goddards, which is a bargain. but it is a damn sight cheaper than anything you get in the covered market and just as good.

                  as the covered market goes, i quite like the turkish pizza which is very tasty (although £4-5). the sushi is tasty, but £1 a piece so you'd only get 3 pieces for the price of a banh mi.

                  some of the spanish stuff is nice, but expensive. i like the range available in greenwich tho. better than the restaurants. which reminds me i need to follow up on a recommendation from the other day on another post...

                  1. re: alexdz

                    I agree, I recently had a Brazilian sandwich in the covered market, which while good was just too damn expensive!

                  2. re: kl2906

                    hey kl2906
                    where is their restaurant? i could just go down there and ask.. but i'm lazy ;)

                  3. Just spotted this review of a Bahn Mi stall at Broadway Market. It's not that favourable but the place could still be worth a try if you've got a craving.


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                    1. re: DollyDagger

                      On broadway market last sunday, near the canal end of it rather than next to the vietnamese coffee stand, there is a new (or at least in the past 2 months since I was last there) Bahn Mi stand.

                        1. re: deansa

                          Didn't try it, we had planned on going to cafe oto for 'japas' but then the queue was too long there. Will try to this weekend.