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May 4, 2009 07:02 PM

What Am I Missing in Downtown St. Pete?

I love Ceviche and Pincho y Pincho, Columbia's a great "old standby", always enjoy Gratzzi, don't care much for Moon Under the Water, The Garden's gotten a little too "dirty-looking", done Fresco's (only okay), ChaCha Coconuts - NO. What do I need to try within walking distance of Baywalk? Bella Brava? Cafe Alma? What do you guys like? I'm headed over from Tampa to spend the night on Saturday for dining and Alter Boyz, so it should be relatively casual....I'm thinking $100-ish per couple range. Thanks!

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  1. savannah's, zgrill, red mesa, pacific wave

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    1. re: sandra

      Agree with all of the above, and would add Bella Brava to the mix.

    2. I don't get to downtown St. Pete a lot, but I like Primi Urban Cafe. It would definitely be under $100 per couple.

      1. Z Grille
        Primi Urban Cafe
        Central Ave. Oyster Bar
        Ratchada...if you guys do sushi.

        1. Cafe Primi - great food, inexpensive, south african wines
          Z Grille - I've never had a bad meal from Zack
          Pacific Wave - Sit at the sushi bar and have Patrick (sushi chef) make you stuff off menu

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            I went to some of the web sites. Pacific Wave looks very nice. Where is it at???
            Is there parking around there???

          2. The Table on Central Ave--really imaginative menu, great atmosphere

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              I ate once at Zgrille and loved it. Have eaten several times at The Table with very mixed results ... BUT the little cheesy, yuca-based bread balls they serve to start the meal at The Table are worth the trip all on their own. They are little balls of lovable goodness - seriously, I can't even think about them without craving them.