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May 4, 2009 06:05 PM

Ice Cream Sundaes - CC West?

The Bride and I have been hit hard by ice cream sundae cravings without having to go all the way across town to Franklin Fountain. Is there a place that we just aren't thinking of (casual restaurant, take out place, or anywhere else) that has a normal, scoops-of-ice-cream-with-hot-fudge kind of sundae? Or even just scooped ice cream?

Just to give an idea of what we're talking about...

Pumpkin Market 16th / South doesn't have hot fudge. Otherwise it's got the scoops.
Capogiro, while fantastic, isn't the same thing.
Scoops De Ville focuses on mixins and may not even have hot fudge.
Ritas... bleh.
La Va apparently stopped serving ice cream two years ago.
Andro's is closed.

Any help before it gets to 90 again is appreciated!

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  1. There seems to be a lack, especially considering Ben and Jerry's left its Rittenhouse location... you might want to try ... ehh well if it's warm (not hot) and you don't mind walking alll the way to Penn, Ben and Jerry's on 40th Street or the Crepe place in Houston Hall has crepe-sundae concoctions that always look lovely. Sorry, that's not too helpful.

    Oh! there's some sort of new ice cream (or some sort of cold dessertlike) place on 11th or 12th. Sorry this is a really unhelpful lead. It's off of Pine near that Record store in the Gayborhood and I unfortunately don't know if it does ice cream or softserve or waterice, but it's worth a venture.

    Otherwise, DIY might be the best option (then you get to add inordinate amounts of toppngs at no extra cost as well!

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      Not west, but "More Than Just Ice Cream" may do the trick, on Locust between 11th and 12th.

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        I second More Than Just Ice Cream! Great variety of ice creams and toppings, and apple pie, too! I always get a sundae with mint chip ice cream and marshmallow topping and hot fudge. They have good banana splits, too.

        The new place at 13th and pine is (I think) Philadelphia Water Ice? Anyways, it is mostly water ice and Rita's-style gelato (as in custard mixed with water ice). It also has custard and soft serve. Also has regular ice cream and toppings.

    2. oy, for better or for worse.... we needed a Sundae fix so we took the bus crosstown to Franklin Fountain on Sunday.

      First, I had the Mt. Vesuvius but made with Ginger ice cream. It was fantastic, somehow the malt powder, spiciness of the ginger, and hot fudge just made for a great flavor combination.

      The place had the line out the door as usual. It seems like most of the people in line were foreign tourists but as a local we were happy to partake in the international environment of an authentic "American" ice cream parlor!

      1. Success! Tastebud's (24th & Lombard), a place that has been growing on us, now has hand-dipped ice cream & sundae toppings including hot fudge!

        They have 8 flavors (pretty standard mix), kiddie cone was $1.85, a fairly large 1-scoop is $2.50, and Sundae w/ hot fudge & whipped cream & cherry was around $4.50 I believe.

        We can now add ice cream to their other good stuff (Mac & Cheese, and their cupcakes).

        I asked who provides their ice cream and they said most of them are "Lee's" which I have never heard of. Googling found a place in Blairsville PA, and a more likely one in Baltimore MD. I had the Cookies & Cream which was pretty good, The Bride had the Creamsicle flavor which she enjoyed.

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          Lee's used to be available at Roselena's on E Passyunk Ave. before it became a Capogiro. I've never seen it anywhere else, but they also used to have a truck that would show up at the Fountain farmer's market on Wednesdays and sell ice cream.