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May 4, 2009 05:41 PM

Looks like a Kogi truck, but it's not...

Hi gang,

I drove by a Kogi-esque truck yesterday parked in Westwood Village. The logo bore an uncanny resemblance to Kogi's (same colors), but said "Calli Korean BBQ"... I was in a hurry at the time, so I couldn't stop by for a sample.

Has anyone tried it? Any other copycats out there?

Just curious. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, there's the Chinese/Mexican truck for kung pao and chashu tacos, burritos and tamales.

    1. Kogi knock off is like the new Hawaiian BBQ.

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        Kogi knockoffs are the new Fro-Yo! :)

        Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

      2. I saw a truck the other day called "Galbi."

        1. There's the Yuri truck -- teriyaki and I think sushi rolls.

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            That's an interesting name for a truck considering the association the word "yuri" has within the anime/manga crowd. :)

          2. its probably the Calbi Bbq truck.

            I can understand other businesses giving us their version of korean tacos, but this place looks like a carbon copy of Kogi. Look, logo and everything.

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              Huge Jackman says: “Korean Calbi BBQ is the best” He also said that “Korean BBQ made his nice body figure.”

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                  Next film role up for Hugh "Onan the Barbarian" with no female co-star...

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                    While the wee wife's away, just a few questions on the subject of onanism...

                    Any recent reports on the CalbiBBQ truck? Is it...local?

                    PS: Do they put cucumbers on their tacos and burritos?

                    1. re: a_and_w

                      i've seen the truck parked in SM, on wilshire @ 4th a couple times.

                      1. re: wilafur

                        Tried the one at Arizona and 17th and was really impressed! I was a little thrown by the addition of cheese and egg, which aren't listed on the menu, to my burrito. Next time, I'll probably order my burrito without cheese and egg. I haven't tried the Kogi truck, so I can't compare, but I will definitely be returning to the Calbi truck.

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                          ah, saw it on arizona as well last night on my way home from dinner.

              1. re: LakerFan

                That's crazy how similar it looks. I am planning on giving it a try. I loved Kogi food, and am happy to see more options like this in the market.