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Looks like a Kogi truck, but it's not...

Hi gang,

I drove by a Kogi-esque truck yesterday parked in Westwood Village. The logo bore an uncanny resemblance to Kogi's (same colors), but said "Calli Korean BBQ"... I was in a hurry at the time, so I couldn't stop by for a sample.

Has anyone tried it? Any other copycats out there?

Just curious. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, there's the Chinese/Mexican truck for kung pao and chashu tacos, burritos and tamales.


    1. Kogi knock off is like the new Hawaiian BBQ.

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        Kogi knockoffs are the new Fro-Yo! :)

        Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

      2. I saw a truck the other day called "Galbi."

        1. There's the Yuri truck -- teriyaki and I think sushi rolls.

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            That's an interesting name for a truck considering the association the word "yuri" has within the anime/manga crowd. :)

          2. its probably the Calbi Bbq truck.

            I can understand other businesses giving us their version of korean tacos, but this place looks like a carbon copy of Kogi. Look, logo and everything.

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              Huge Jackman says: “Korean Calbi BBQ is the best” He also said that “Korean BBQ made his nice body figure.”

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                  Next film role up for Hugh "Onan the Barbarian" with no female co-star...

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                    While the wee wife's away, just a few questions on the subject of onanism...

                    Any recent reports on the CalbiBBQ truck? Is it...local?

                    PS: Do they put cucumbers on their tacos and burritos?

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                      i've seen the truck parked in SM, on wilshire @ 4th a couple times.

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                        Tried the one at Arizona and 17th and was really impressed! I was a little thrown by the addition of cheese and egg, which aren't listed on the menu, to my burrito. Next time, I'll probably order my burrito without cheese and egg. I haven't tried the Kogi truck, so I can't compare, but I will definitely be returning to the Calbi truck.

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                          ah, saw it on arizona as well last night on my way home from dinner.

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                That's crazy how similar it looks. I am planning on giving it a try. I loved Kogi food, and am happy to see more options like this in the market.

              2. Like most popular fads (food or otherwise) I'm sure we're just seeing the beginning of the copycat syndrome. Who knows? Some of the copycats might be even better than the original.

                1. wonder if this is the one that begged kogi for help and then stole their receipes

                  1. With a recession that might last for years I see food trucks really taking off. Someone please start a tandoori burrito truck. :)

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                      i'm praying for a halal cart similar to the one on 53rd & 6th in nyc.

                      oooooooooh yeah!

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                        oh yes we need that halal cart...not the others ones just tons of that one...

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                          The 53rd/6th cart is probably the most popular, but there are about a dozen or more carts that make a comparable or better product. If that cart is the Kogi of NY Halal carts, I'm happier with many of the knockoffs. We've seen this happen with Tommy's and all the knockoff burger joints in LA.

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                            agreed. 53rd/6th cart is over rated...just like Kogi.


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                              how about instead of just bashing the cart, why don't you help us out and list the other carts for us to try?

                        2. re: wilafur

                          omiG!! im so all over that!! one of the things i love most about ny haha :)

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                              not a truck, but they have "Indian tacos" at the place right next to the El Rey (I haven't tried though). I think they have chicken tikka masala tacos, and something called the "naanwich".
                              I'd sign up for the tandoori burrito truck myself.

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                                Chicken Tikka Burrito sounds fantastic. The Chinese Taco place has BBQ Tacos which I think sounds great. I went looking for them tonight but couldn't find them.

                                The tortilla is a great delivery device for all types of food. The trick is making sure the filling is good enough to rise above being a 'gimmick'. I haven't been to Kogi in a long time (I won't wait in line), but I think they did a good job of doing that.

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                                  Folks, We've removed several posts about food trucks that it'd be nice to have. Please keep the discussion focused on food trucks you know of in the here and now. Thanks so much!

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                                I want a bahn mi truck like the one in NYC,

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                                  Turbans & Cowboys @ the El Rey. The burritos and tacos are very good; skip the fries.

                                2. the calbi truck is super funny.
                                  i haven't been to it, but i love the disgusting pictures of the food blown up on the side of the truck.
                                  they do a taco with fake crab, which is all i need to say.

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                                    Make that krab (with a "k")...

                                  2. Remember those forlorn days when every trash can was bursting with Pinkberry cartons? And the stories in the paper about the fanatics willing to wait for an hour in line? And every corner missing a Pinkberry had a place called __(color)__ + __(fruit)__?

                                    Ah yesterday!

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                                      personally I hate copy cats! but food is food.. I say just try them and post up a review

                                    2. Whats that quote about all new things....

                                      Its been discussed here previously, but there used to be a place called Don Taco, or something along those lines, that used to make stir fried burritos. It was marinated meat, with onions and peppers--dont remember exactly but I believe the marinade was soy based. It was on Western and now makes roasted chickens I believe. Fans of that place have raved about it. The first place doing chino-latino combo in LA (asian style meat in a tortilla).

                                      Don Taco
                                      1701 Truman St, San Fernando, CA 91340