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Good tamale place.

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I've bought tamales a couple of times from a lady who used to come by my old apartment complex, and once by a guy who was selling them at the Scoot.

The former were awesome. The latter were a pretty greasy, gnarly experience. Not the best.

Where's a good tamale place? I'm of course into recommendations of good mexican restaurants that have tamales on the menu, but I'd rather find a little tamale take out joint.

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  1. I have always enjoyed the tamales from Oaxacan Tamaleo. Its been a while since I have had them, because they moved from their old location on Anderson lane, but I do believe they still sell their tamales to go at the Farmers Market on saturdays. Can anyone whos been to the farmar's market recently confirm that?

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      They were at Sunset Valley last week. I too can vouch for them being pretty good. I think they steam them in banana leaves instead of the usual corn husks with a good selection of fillings.