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May 4, 2009 05:14 PM

Jamie Oliver's Chicken in Milk

I am attempting t o make Jamie's chicken in milk recipe. Anyone tried the recipe yet? I am a bit anxious because I am making it for a dinner date. I am also making "Save your Soul" Almond Cake for dessert. Brie with mango chutney as a starter.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Would love to hear the results. Although I have almost all of his cookbooks, I hadn't heard of this one. Is the recipe online?

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      You can find it on Jamie's website. Thanks!

    2. The recipe looks interesting, I haven't made that but it looks similar to pork braised in milk _ there are various versions out there _ which I have made and which is very good.

      1. I made this dish a few weeks ago. It was earthy and delicious.

        However, the sauce curdles because of the milk and lemon, so I am not sure
        I would serve it to guests.

        And I have a rule of thumb about dinner guests. I only serve something I have made
        before, it takes some of the stress away. lol! I guess I am a chicken!