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May 4, 2009 04:03 PM

Hyatt Regency: Food, wine, music, to see or do

Any ideas of things in the area or nearby (walking, short cab trips) in the area surrounding the new Hyatt at King/Blue Jays Way?

Any thing goes - let me worry about the $$$ later, you just give me some ideas/suggestions!

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  1. Folks, please keep posts focused on restaurant and bar suggestions for DAB. Thanks!

      1. re: Cat123

        Friday, May 15th.

        ANd my mistake for requesting info outside of the restaurant and bar scene.

      2. hmm, do you want meal suggestions for dining out locales, or events? any type of cuisine you prefer or avoid? from downtown, most of the rest of downtown is walkable distance when the weather is nice...maybe search the board for nearby intersections?