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May 4, 2009 03:53 PM

Biscuits & Gravy

Looking forward to being back in the South and enjoying Biscuits & Gravy for breakfast. Where can I find the best? Thanks!

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  1. While New Orleans is really not a bastion of biscuits and gravy in my opinion, Surrey's Juice Bar on Magazine and Cafe Fleur de Lis on Chartres do a good job with it.

    Elizabeth's in the Bywater also has it on the menu and if their other items are any indication, I am sure they are very tasty!


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    1. re: thecajunfoodie

      I agree with you, regarding NOLA and biscuits & gravy. That is more of a Deep South (outside of NOLA) dish.

      Glad you had some recs, as I was totally at a loss in the City. I cannot even think of any great biscuits, that I've had there. Gotta' be some, but...

      Now, for the ultimate, I highly recommend Blackberry Farm, but it's outside of Knoxville, TN and a very, very long day's drive.


    2. I saw that Cochon Butcher is doing biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

      1. I don't think I've ever had b&g here. Man, I want some now though. Blue Plate Cafe is my usual go-to breakfast spot, but I've never noticed if they serve them. Mother's gets knocked a lot, but B&G seems like something they'd do well, if they do it at all. Ruby Slipper doesn't even have biscuits on their menu. Maybe lil Dizzy's? Like I said though, I've never eaten it here. These are just some places that MAY have it.

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          That's a real puzzelment...the only times I have ever had it around here were at an Indy 500 party and it was made by a friend from Indiana...damn good, too.

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            Yeah, I would figure that Camillia Grill would likely have them, but unless they've added them to the menu, post-K, not there.

            I am really thinking about this one. Wife is a NOLA native, and she has a "thing" for biscuits (no "white" gravy), but I just cannot think of any place in the City, with these, beyond maybe a breakfast buffet. Gotta' be available someplace.

            Since wife's in meetings, let me ask: what about Olde College Inn, or similar? This was a place, where she grew up dining.

            For me, I don't start thinking of B&G, until I hit at least Meridian, MS, heading NE up to the Smokies.


            1. re: Bill Hunt

              Word is now in. Add Jim's to Ye Olde College Inn, plus two aunts and a grandmother, and that is all there is. Still, you should see her at Blackberry Farm. She knows her biscuits, just not from many restaurants in the NOLA area.