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May 4, 2009 03:01 PM

where to buy amaro braulio in rome...

Hi there -- Anyone know where to find Amaro Braulio in Rome? It's a digestivo that's made up north (I first tasted it in Milan). It tastes a bit like grass (but is surprisingly good). In any case, I really want to take a bottle back to the States, but I don't know where to find it. Any ideas on well-stocked liquor stores in Rome where I could ask??


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  1. Trimani on via Goito has it on its online buying list.

    1. I saw this in Malpensa duty free, so Rome FCO might also stock it.

      1. heading over to trimani now -- will report back...

        1. If you don't succeed, try La Vecchia Bottega del Vino in the Jewish Ghetto - Via Santa Maria del Pianto 9 1/2. Ask for Gino and say your 'friends from NY' recommended him. Small wine shop with an eclectic selection that serves lunch only [cl S/M] . I think this is their Ph. or Fax # 0668192210. Good luck either way and have fun!

          1. Found it at Trimani on via Goito!! -- Thanks so much Zerlina, and erica and a81...
            cheers --