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May 4, 2009 03:00 PM

Cubano near Ritz-Carlton (South Beach)

Hi everyone. A New York c'hounder here - visiting Miami this weekend. I plan to taste as many cubano sandwiches as possible during my 3 day trip. I'm staying at the Ritz-Carlton in South Beach. I'd greatly appreciate any tips for the best cubanos nearby. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Not sure about any good cubano nearby - i was there last week and went looking for one - granted with no guidance apart from my eyes - walked to end of lincoln almost and ended up getting something in Provence just beside the hotel since couldnt find anything else. lincoln is just one big tourist mall.
    we did have an excellent dinner at Ola - see my review on board. i also tried le sandwicherie on 14th . it wasnt a cubano - cant remember if they do one - was ok, a different twist on a snadwich but lot of flabby white bread also

    1. Puerto sagua is your best bet. About 10 blocks south..Nearest one is davids which is 5 blocks away down lincoln.

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        Check out Las Olas on 6th, Bella Cuba on Washington... Report back.


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          I second AG's recommendations! I'm curious about Bella Cuba.

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            My favorite thing about LO is the juice.

        2. TRIP REPORT -- Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I managed to have two great cuban sandwiches during my weekend in Miami. First, I went to David's Cafe II (on Meridian Ave, off of Lincoln Mall). The Cuban sandwich was great, although I thought the bread was not quite spot-on. It was a bit dry and lacked the light, airy crustiness that I would expect. Then, I went to Las Olas - PERFECTION! The sandwich was really amazing. Perfect bread and the amount of filings was perfect. I also got a beef empanada at Las Olas, which was delicious - nicely spiced and not greasy at all.