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May 4, 2009 02:25 PM

Memorial Day Weekend - Two Parter


Part 1: 3 Hours to Kill
I have 5 friends flying in for a guys' weekend on Memorial Day weekend. Two of them arrive at 9:00 am on Friday, the other three get in at noon. I live over in Bremerton, which makes driving back and forth kind of impractical. We could just hang out at the airport, but I am wondering if there might be any cool coffee shops, bakeries, breakfast locals, etc. that would be worth hitting in the general vicinity of the airport to wait for the slackers until noon.

Part 2: Pub Crawl
On Saturday we are going to do a pub crawl in downtown Seattle. We are going to start at Pike Brewery and finish at the Mariners vs Giants game at 7:00. I am looking for suggestions for cool pubs/bars/saloons to hit on the way to the game. I am thinking stop number two will be Elephant and Castle to give you an idea of the kind of places I like. Two main criterias come to mind. First and foremost a good selction of hand crafted/micro brewed beers. Second a cool/fun atmosphere. Decent vittles is a bonus, but not required. This crew would not be at home in a high end place GastroPub like Spur. I would like to stay in the general corrider between 5th and 1st as we make our way to Safeco, but would be willing to stray a block or two east for a can't miss place.

Billy Bob

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  1. The Collins Pub is on second on your way to Safeco from Pikes. They usually have some really good beers on tap.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I have heard of Collins and have walked by it, but haven't had the chance to sample its wares yet.

      Billy Bob

    2. Stops:
      - Pike Brewery
      - Contour (happy hour until 8, $2 'Driftwood Ale' which is really rebranded Rogue Half-a-weizen)
      - Collins Pub
      - Elysian Fields (too fancy? But I really like their beer.)

      Recommend you avoid Sluggers (dirty taps) and Pyramid Beer "Garden" (aka Camp X-Ray) - Pyramid makes a fine Kolsch ("Curve Ball") and my favorite Hefeweizen but if I want to stand around a fenced concrete yard waiting in line for beer in a plastic cup, I can do it in Safeco for a modest premium.

      It is a damn shame that Hooverville is still closed after a disastrous fire in February. Definitely my favorite bar in Seattle (except maybe the Jolly Roger Taproom), and convenient to Safeco.

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      1. re: terrier


        Thanks for the tips and the non tips as well! Contour added to list, Elysian may get a nod just due to proximity.

        Billy Bob

      2. unlr\ess if seems a threat to all that testosterone, your "hours to kill" (which will really be more like two) may be well spent enjoying the dim sum offerings at imperial gardens in the great wall mall off s.r. 167(?) in kent

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          I love dimsum. Thanks for the suggestion!

          Billy Bob

        2. The Owl N Thistle in Pioneer Square should be on your list:

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            Good choice! I have been there a couple of times on my way to the ferry terminal and love it. It will make for a good stop on the way to the game, or possibly a place to hang out if we have time to kill waiting for a ferry.

            Billy Bob

          2. Part 1: Head up to Georgetown and grab breakfast at Smartypants and if you have time to kill drop in at the Museum of Flight, both open at 10 am on Saturdays.

            Part 2: Besides what's already been stated there's also, Tap House, Post, Kell's, Fado and The Blarney Stone for beer.