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May 4, 2009 02:19 PM

Need Some Suggestions

I got myself a bunch of beef chuck ribs. They almost look like brontosaurus ribs.

I'm need some inspiration on how to prepare them.

Last time I braised them with a red-wine reduction. Not too sure what else I can do with these guys.


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  1. hannaone should have a good Korean marinade.

    1. Boil or bake them until tender then marinate in BBQ sauce (your fav) and grill basting in the last 5-10 mins. We've been making them for dad for Father's day for years and years. I love them soooooo much.

      1. rub them with your favorite spices, then brown all over in a Dutch oven.
        combine the following: 1 1/2 cups Coke (not diet!), one bottle of chili sauce, 3 T Worcestershire, hot sauce & garlic cloves to taste. pour over ribs, cover & bake at 325, 1- 1/2 hours or till falling off the bone.
        remove ribs, skim fat from sauce & thicken with flour or cornstarch. s&p to taste.

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          oooo that sounds good! Don't forget to cover them while baking for a couple of hours, then you can broil or grill them to brown & crisp them up!

          I once had a party where I put them in my smoker and drove the neighbors crazy for a good 6-8 hours while they could smell them cookin'! My friend swore she could smell them from the Interstate!!

          1. We call them flintstone ribs Yibbdabbadoo. So good I like to do them like I would a prime fib low and slow in the oven with losts of cracked pepper and lots of kosher salt.