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May 4, 2009 02:14 PM

Lobster House, Cape May

It is impossible to miss the Lobster House if you ever go to Cape May and it is surely a popular place. My dentist told me that she waited for 3 hours when she was there with her family last summer! We enjoy Cape May, especially during the off season, the deserted beaches provide a kind of peacefulness and beauty.

As it was the first weekend of May, we figured that there were more people going out for dinner than the previous occasions when we were visiting. We headed to the Lobster House at 5:00 and we thought that we were quite early for dinner and could get any table we want! WRONG! The place was quite packed already and we basically got the last table by the window! Mr. B and I both had a drink, simple JD on the rocks with lime twist and vodka on the rocks, respectively.

Our server was friendly and speedy with her service. She our drinks and have our bread in a few seconds! The bread was quite tasty, at least tasty like it was right from the oven. I started with the Oysters Rockefeller and Mr. B got the Crabmeat Cocktail. I usually order raw oysters in places where I know that they provide fresh seafood but I just had the yearning for Oyster Rockefeller the other day…It is hard to go wrong with cheese and spinach! The oysters were kind of small, especially after they were cooked but flavorful. Mr. B’s lump crabmeat was very fresh. I had the broiled scallops as my main course and Mr. B had the char broiled mako. Both courses, came with salad, vegetable and potatoes. There are choices for the vegetables, including corn, stewed tomato….while the choice for potatoes included French fries, baked potato and I forgot the third option(apparently, that was not what we picked). The scallops were simple but fresh, and so was the mako. The simple method of cooking, without any sauce and marinate brought out the freshness of the dishes.

There is no doubt that the food was fresh, the service was friendly and fast. The view of the ocean/boats was nice…on the other hand, it was a bit noisy(too many people), the setting was really basic, nothing fancy! Of course, do not even think about the arrangement of the food….they were just dumped on the plates…let’s not go to the plates they used for serving…

When we were leaving at around 7:00 pm, we over heard that the wait would be an hour! The bill came up to around $87, excluding tips. The best thing was not the dinner but we actually bought some mako, swordfish, tuna….on Sunday at the seafood section next to the restaurant before we headed home. The price was good, especially for swordfish! Very fresh too…we had some tuna last night….

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  1. HelenB, Thank you for this review. I might one day try The Lobster House even though others have given it a thumbs down. I love water views so much.

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      Ocean/lake views always make me feel peaceful. The Lobster House is not a bad place depends on what you are looking for. At least, you know that the seafood is fresh and just get there a bit early to secure a place near the window....of course, you can also try our approach - visit the place during off season! By the way, I also read the thread you posted with your reply....guess Lobster House is not the favorite for many and I can also see their points. There are quite a number of options in Cape May for dining during the season and I have heard good things about the Lucky Bones but have yet to try it myself! By the way, if you like the water...there are many places along the shore of NJ!

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        I've had much better luck just getting things from their fish market. There's lots to take out even if you don't have cooking facilities, assuming you want to dine al fresco somewhere. We've gotten cooked shrimp, salads, smoked fish and have even made ceviche. Of course, if you have a condo or anyplace else to cook, the selections are much greater. The raw bar is pretty good and usually not much wait, as compared to the dining room.